Aug 312014
Update Galaxy S3 with Kitkat 4.4.4 using Omni Rom

After Samsung has refused to update Galaxy s3 with latest Android Kitkat ROM all Galaxy S3 users has disappointed that this phone is capable to run Android Kitkat but Samsung not updating it due to increase the sales of their other models like Galaxy S4, S5 , Grand 2 etc. Also Samsung given the statement that Galaxy S3 has only 1GB RAM it can’t be upgraded to Kitkat ROM. While the reality is that Galaxy

Aug 312014
NiLS - An Android Apps to show all notifications on lockscreen

NiLS Lockscreen Notifications is an android apps using that all your Notifications can be shown on your lockscreen. You can also clear them with single touch without opening the lock of your phone and pull down status bar to clear them. NiLS android apps is a great idea to see the notifications on lock screen without opening lock of your mobile phone, as in a whole day there are lot of notifications generated from many

Aug 302014
Xiaomi Redmi 1s Review

Xiaomi Redmi 1s Review After huge success of Mi3 Xiaomi again going to create history by launching Redmi 1s at a killer price of Rs. 5999/-. Xiaomi understand what can be big sale in India by launching first Mi3 and now even lower end budget Redmi 1s smartphone. If we see the price and specifications of this phone than there are no competitor seems to compete this phone at this time even our Indian brands

Aug 302014
Xiaomi Mi3 Review, Features and Specifications

Xiaomi Mi3 Review After huge success of Motorola flagship Moto-G in budget smartphone now it is Xiaomi’s turn to repeat the history again. The smart players of markets understand that in a large populated county with large market like India and China a smartphone that is having very good specification , design and the same at low price can be huge hit that proven earlier by our own Indian made smartphones,  Micromax (by Canvas HD)

Mar 162014
Top 10 benefits of rooting your Android phone

Top 10 benefits of rooting your Android phone For those who are not familiar with root or rooting word this post would be useful to know what one can do with rooted android phone. First of all you should know what is meant by term rooting, rooting of your phone is just like gaining administrator access in windows operating system. By rooting one can get access to all system files and apps so that these

Mar 162014
How to charge faster from usb your smartphones

How to charge faster from usb Most of people have noticed it that when they connect their smartphones to USB outlets of laptop or desktop PCs their phones takes a very long time to charge, sometimes two times as compare to standard AC wall charger. Lets first understand why it happens – Generally PCs USB port are not designed to charge a phone or such devices, their only purpose it to provide or power-up such

Mar 152014
aWallet Password Manager An Android Apps to save your passwords safely

Internet and smartphones made our life so easy and hassle free, using internet you can do most of the important work by home like paying your bills, money transfer , sending emails and sharing documents using cloud computing. But working on all these stuffs you require a key that is in the form of characters called passwords. These passwords made your life complex, as you have to remember dozens of passwords for every website and

Mar 112014
EDS Lite - An Android Apps to view truecrypt files

Truecrypt is a very useful free tool available for both windows and Linux platforms , using truecrypt you can create encrypted volume and folders. Even you can fully encrypt your hard-disk, this is also very useful as you can encrypt your USB mass storage deices e.g. Pen drives or external hard-disk , so in case of lost of your drive data will be safe. See the previous post regarding Truecrypt , I have recently found

Jan 182014
How to increase your Android phone battery life without rooting

I have come around with many people having Android Phone complaining that their phone battery life drain very fast and even not lasts through a day. I have written in my previous post a lot of trick to increase battery Android phone battery life. In this post there are few more tips to increase the battery life so that you can use more juice from your battery and no need to worry about frequent charging.

Jan 052014
Review of Xolo Play Tegra Note Tablet

Xolo has launched new Tablet namely Xolo Play Tegra Note Tablet which is the fastest tablet in this price range. Xolo launched the Tablet at Rs. 17,999/- price. The same can be booked from where advance booking is open for preorder. Flipkart is also offering one cover of Rs. 2499/- till stock lasts. Lets see the features of Xolo Play Tegra Note tablet – Hardware –  Xolo Play Tegra Note run over Tegra chipset with cortex

Jan 052014
Power Toggles Android App - A must download for every Android User

Power Toggles Android App is a very useful application that in must download for every Android user. It has many features and for root users you may found some more extra features. Power Toggles Android app have two type of interface one is Home Screen Widget mode and other is notification widgets that can serve a lot of works that every body required. For example some devices have notification quick widget to control Audio ,

Jan 052014
Share Favorite websites links using Pocket Android App

Share Favorite websites links using Pocket Android App  – You may have encountered this problem many times that during searching on Google, you found a very good website or blog that have all solution of your problem. And due lack of time you forgot to save that website into book mark and next time you didn’t found that link and struggles a lot to get that website. And the second situation you were searching the