Mar 262016
How to send auto delete email

How to send auto delete email You may have encountered this situation many times that by mistake an email sent with draft state/some correction required or sent to wrong recipient. You want to revoke the email or want that email will automatically deleted after some time but it is not possible. also known as Dmail come with solution of this, you can now sent an email that has delete button also, email will automatic delete

Mar 222016
Give your old PC a new life using Solid State Drive

Solid State Drive (SSD) are becoming popular day by due to their light weight, high speed data transfer rate and reliability. If you are struggling with your old laptop or desktop. Once try to upgrade SSD and you will not regret your decision. You will experience 3-4 times higher performance of your machine. What is Solid State Drive – According to Wikipedia SSD (Solid State Drive) is a data storage device that uses integrated circuit assemblies as memory to

Mar 212016
How to convert normal TV to Smart TV

How to convert normal TV to Smart TV If your budget not allow you to buy a smart TV or you want to use your existing normal TV as smart TV this guide will help you how to convert normal TV to Smart TV. Smart TV has WiFi/LAN access to connect with internet to watch YouTube, online video streaming, social media so that you not only able to view on the air TV channels but can also

Mar 202016
Rainmeter an alternative desktop gadget for PC

After Windows 8 release Microsoft has removed windows desktop gadgets in their windows that was introduced from Windows Vista and remain in Windows 7 also. Desktop gadgets are very useful that always run on your desktop screen and shows very important and useful information e.g. CPU & RAM usage, date and time, weather updates etc. Microsoft has removed these gadgets in windows 8/8.1/10 to improve performance of windows OS as these usage many resources like

Mar 202016
Android Tips and Tricks - How to take backup of Android mobile before factory reset

Android Tips and Tricks – How to take backup of Android mobile before factory reset If you are going to factory reset your mobile or you want change your Android mobile you need to backup and restore your mobile data. As Smartphone are playing very important role in our lives, everything is important for users like whatsapp chat, sms, contacts, many apps on which you are dependent. In this guide we will explain you how

Mar 192016
Android Tips and Tricks- How to improve performance of Android smartphone

Android Tips and Tricks- How to improve performance of Android smartphone You may have noticed that your android mobile have become very slow and sluggish, not responding on your touches/inputs or taking long time to respond. However same was working well and respond fast when it was new at the time of purchase. The reasons behind the sluggish behavior of android device are mainly due to too many processes and apps working in background, cache

Mar 172016
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review

Redmi Note 3 is a new smartphone from Xiaomi, China’s popular mobile company that succeeded in India also by selling their low budget high end specification smartphones like Redmi, Redmi Note, Mi 3, Mi 4i etc. Redmi Note 3 is the successor of Redmi Note 2 with improved hardware specifications. In Redmi Note 3, Xiaomi try to did all the best that can be done in this budget segment phone like Snapdragon 650, Cortex A-72

Mar 152016
Now send pdf files using whatsapp

Whatsapp has introduced a new feature into their app to send and receive pdf attachments. Now users can also send and receive the pdf files as attachment as like music/video/image files. Media files are already available to share between individuals and between groups from a long time. Now in the latest update of whatsapp you have the option to send pdf files as attachment under document tab. To receive or send both the users should

Feb 072016
LeEco Le 1s Review & Features

LeEco Le 1s Review & Features LeEco previously known as Letv is a Chinese entertainment company, and one of the largest online video companies in China. It is headquartered in Beijing its full name is Leshi Internet Information & Technology. LeEco has recently launched its two Android smartphones LeEco Le Max and LeEco 1S , Max is a high end phone with price tag of Rs. 36,999- while Le 1s is a low budget mobile with price

Feb 032016
How to recover Hard Disk data if OS failed to boot

How to recover Hard Disk data if OS failed to boot Sometime this has happened that your computer (desktop/laptop) failed to boot, it would be happened due to files related to OS has been corrupted or boot mbr file has been corrupted. First try to repair your OS using media come with the computer (windows DVD/bootable USB drive of OS), you can choose startup repair and system restore to restore the system to earlier created

Jan 312016
Laptop buying guide

Laptop buying guide Laptop buying is also as much difficult today as smartphone, as technology changed too much in last 10 years now laptops comes with many configurations and various hardware options. For example laptops can be classified in three categories Traditional laptops – Where not too much changes in screen and hardware types , these type of laptops used mainly industrial usage, offices, testing etc. All the major ports are available like VGA , Ethernet,

Dec 212015
Qiku Terra 808 and Terra 810 launched in India

Qiku is China’s another company now jumps into smartphone marker of India with their handset Terra 808 and Terra 810. Qiku is a joint venture company between Qihoo 360 & Coolpad. Qiku’s  target is a middle priced segment smartphone market in India, where most of smartphone with good hardware spec and low budget are great hit e.g. One Plus 2, Nexus 5X. Qiku Terra 810 runs over Qualcomm snapdragon 810 Octa core CPU clocked at 2