Dec 132015

10 simple tips to reduce mobile data usage –

If you are worried about your mobile bills due high data consumption this post may help you to save data usage without use of any third party apps. See the 10 simple tips to reduce mobile data usage below-

tips to reduce data usage

  1. Turn off auto update of apps from Google play store- Auto update of apps option is checked by default in Google play store settings, so whenever you go online either 3G or Wi-Fi, apps for which an update is available starts auto updating and causes lot of data consumption. You can change these settings to either “do not auto update app” or update in Wi-Fi only. Also turn off auto update of apps used by third party app stores like Galaxy App store in Samsung devices.

Google Play auto update off

  1. Use Wi-Fi whenever available – Whenever you have a Wi-Fi connection nearby, stick on that inside your home or in office. Use 3G data only when you are outside.
  1. Use offline mode in Google Maps– If you use online Google Maps for navigation now can switch to offline navigation, download your navigate area offline maps when connected with Wi-Fi and can use as offline. Use any other third party offline navigation apps like Sygic to save data during daily navigation.

Offline Google Map

  1. Use data saver mode in Google Chrome browser – Chrome browser has inbuilt data save mode that compress the images to save data. To enable this go to settings of Chrome browser and enable this. Use light version of browsers e.g. Opera mini and UC browser that saved lot of data.

Chrome data saver on

  1. Set data limits inside the settings – You can set data limits as per your mobile data plan, e.g. if you have 1 GB data usage plan, set warning to say 900 MB and data restrict the data at 1 GB. This may have some minor correction in plus and minus. So you can also use service provide apps like AirTel & Vodafone apps where real time data usage can be viewed. Use data analyser inside the settings to check which app is consuming more data, if app is not much important you can restrict data of that app.

set mobile data limit in android

restrict data in android

  1. Use Facebook Lite in place of Facebook app– Facebook app eat too much of data, you can use Facebook Lite version or use Facebook inside browser, see this post. Also disable auto stream of videos inside Facebook app that can save lot of data.
  1. Turn off auto download media in WhatAapp – Whatsapp by default have auto download media like images and videos. You can turn it off or change it to auto update in Wi-Fi only.

whatsapp auto download off

  1. Reduce the sync period of Emails / Gmail– Use sync period as less as possible in email apps e.g. corporate emails (One week is ok or change it to 15 days). Also turn off auto download of attachments inside corporate Email and Gmail.
  1. Restrict to system updates Wi-Fi only– Some times without prior intimation system updates took place and consume lot of data (up to 500MB – 1GB of data). This can also be set as “update only in Wi-Fi only”, inside settings-> about device-> software updates.

how to set system update wifi only

  1. Change update interval of widgets– Some widgets e.g. weather widget, news widgets etc. updates their data at a smaller interval like 1 hour, you can change this to 3hour/6hour inside respective widgets settings.

If you want to save more data when data limits is going to end can also turnoff background data and can turn off sync option inside settings, but this can disable all emails sync, Facebook sync etc. You may no longer able to get new emails when this is disabled.