Jul 262013

21 Useful Android Tips and Tricks you might not Know

Android tips and tricks Android OS has many features and tweaks, it is the most customizable mobile/tablet operating system. I have also written a post for beginners “ How to use and customize android’s features”.

In this post I will tell you many useful android tips and tricks you might not know before.

1 .  Long press over Notification widgets to reach the respective settings directly, e.g. press volume icon in notification to reach sound settings same for display, wifi etc. you can easily toggle 2G/3G by long pressing data icon.

2. To disable any app go to application manager in settings, in all tab tap over the application name,  now tap over disable. The disabled apps will also not show in your application drawer. Using disabling apps you can save battery, RAM and data as some apps continue run in background and use resources. Choose carefully this option as if you have disabled some system apps you will not able to use your mobile full functionality. If you face any problem you can again enable those apps and restart your mobile.

3. In running app list you can see such apps those are running in background e.g. Google+ and Google music. If you are not using them you can disable these apps.

4. If you are facing contact sync problem with Google , you can clear contact storage data and again try to sync.

5. For changing default application e.g. contact, dialer, messaging, launcher (when you have chosen always open by this instead of just once during opening). You can clear defaults by application manager select respective application (e.g. go sms, go contact, Nova launcher etc.) and clear defaults.

6. For disabling auto apps update or to choose update only wifi, open Google Play store now open Play store settings by menu key where you can change your options of auto update apps.

7. In the same Play store settings uncheck auto add widget/shortcut on home screens, to avoid apps icon placed automatically on home screens

8. In settings >data manger, set the data limit and data cycle to avoid monthly access charges.

9. If you are not using data, change network as 2G in place of 3G, or choose GSM in place of GSM/WCDMA auto / WCDMA only . This will not only save your battery, also you will get better network coverage in some places where 3G signals are weak.

10. How to enable developers options in Android 4.2 – In android 4.2 developers options are not enabled by defaults. You can enable this by tapping 7 times over build number in settings.

11. How to hard reset your android device – If you want to totally reset, clear your device you can do this by settings menu under backup & reset or privacy settings. If you want to do hard reset follow these instructions –

Most of the device this will work, Turn off your device, now start using keep pressing vol up or down key and pressing power button to reach recovery. In some devices combination is vol dn+Power key like Motorola, htc and some devices it is Power+Vol up key combination. In Samsung devices like Galaxy S3, Note/Note-2 you have to use combination of three keys , Vol up+ Home + Power key.

12.  What if you have forgot your pattern or unlock PIN – see this post

13. Check device administrator option under security settings regularly if there any unwanted application (not known to you) checked, uncheck that app and uninstall/disable. Using administrator control apps can fully control your device, can lock your device, delete data, remote control your mobile. Some security apps needs that feature enabled e.g. Androidlost, Lookout, etc. grant permission for such trusted apps so that you can recover your device when lost.

14. If you are facing force close problem with some app, clear data/cache of that app (using application manager in settings) also uninstall, reboot and again install to work properly.

15. If your device is a non- removable battery device, during phone hang press power key and hold for 8-10 seconds to reset (restart ) your mobile like Xperia Z, HTC One, Tab -2 .

16. You can backup your device apps using androzip, my backup app etc. If you want to backup apps with their data you have to root your device to get access to Titanium Backup where you can backup whole system data including apps.

17. Uncheck push email settings for Gmail, MS Exchange etc. for better battery life.

18. If your mobile speaker turn on automatically during call, check driving mode, if it is on turn it off.

19.  Use as much of possible stock apps like messaging, contacts, dialer, launcher to save RAM and battery. Also avoid using lots of widget on home screen these are run in background and continuously eat battery.Use Back key in place of Home to close apps , otherwise application can run in background for a long time and consume battery life. Increase weather widget sync time 3-6 hours to save battery

20. Make a fake apn to avoid accidental data usage by your knowledge.

21. Turn on data network (GPRS/3G) when using GPS related apps, like Google Map, Sygic navigation etc. to fast lock of GPS for location. There after you can turn off when GPS get locked.

Hope you will get many advantages using these Android Tips and Tricks and share with your friends.

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