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Android Tips and Tricks : 21 steps to secure Android phone from hacking

Nowadays Android Smartphone has become an essential gadget in our life. We are all dependent on smartphone either for social networking apps e.g. Whats App, Facebook , Taxi booking apps like Uber, Ola; shopping website like Amazon, Flipkart etc.

For digital payments also smartphone has become an currency for every day to day needs like ordering food online from food delivery apps like Foodpanda, Swiggy etc. Shopping from merchant sites like Paytm, Flipkart, Amazon etc. We use for these transaction banking apps,  e-wallet apps such as Paytm, Mobikwik and also use our credit card, debit cards. But are we safe while doing these online transactions or giving chance to the hackers and intruders to steal your valuable money with your negligence and inattentiveness.

It is right that there is no way in world to make you 100% hack proof, but you can secure yourself from become  victim of hacking by taking some security measures and  precautions while using your smartphones.

android tips and tricks

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Prevention is better than cure, so first understand how your important data and valuable information can be hacked using your smartphone. Here we are showing some of example how your data can be hacked or compromised.

Beware of installing unknown apps from unknown sources

Suppose you are browsing some free download sites like movie download site, porn site, some dating site and one pop up come showing that your mobile is not secure or your browser is not secure click here to secure your phone. Most of people want to remove that popup but not able to remove in mobile and click on OK. This link will take you some app downloading link will download insecure app ( .apk file in Android). If in your mobile settings “install from unknown sources” is checked, than this app will install into your mobile. Now see the further situation that this app ask you administrator privileges and you have given as you are busy in your browsing or not aware the importance of administrator right. Now everything in your mobile can be accessed remotely using that malware app your SMS, contacts, passwords if saved in any insecure places (word file or in notes), credit cards details saved inside mobile wallet all can be stolen without your knowledge.

Lock out your Mobile Screen

See the second situation somebody got your card number and mobile same time, And he initiate some unauthorized transaction and if your mobile is not locked or locked screen notification enabled. The OTP received on mobile number can easily be seen.

Always upgrade your Mobile from trusted sources

Other thing can be happened that you want to update your mobile OS and get the update file from some unknown website that can be dangerous it can remotely access your data and send to fraudsters.

Check App permissions

Even downloading apps from Play Store is safe, but even data stored in these apps can be hacked, so it is advisable never save your cards on the apps. Also check permission you have given to some apps.

Uninstall apps showing unwanted third party ads

Some apps are showing ads for which they have no control and these ads can led to installing of malware app or mobile tracking app.

Be careful if having Custom ROM or do not use Custom ROM as daily driver

If you use a custom ROM with root access and with unlocked boot-loader than you are at high risk, you have to be very careful for using custom ROMs.

Android Tips and Tricks – How to secure your android smartphone from hacking

Follow the following 21 steps to secure your mobile phone from getting hacked :

Step 1 

Always update your mobile OS using latest updates provided by the manufacturer, because in every updates security patched also updates.

Step 2

DO not use too old Smartphones those are running very older Android Version e.g. Android 3.0, 4.0 etc. If you have to use them only use for phone calls etc. Digital transaction shall not be made.

Step 3

Always use Google Chrome browser and update it using Play store time to time, as Google take care of many vulnerability and security threats and update too frequently. Stock mobile browser may not be updated and will be vulnerable. Clear time to time cache and browsing history of mobile browser so that cookies and other things that keep tracking you deleted.

Step 4

Unchecked this option in settings under security – “Install from unknown sources”. In case some apps want to install than it will not get install as blocked by settings.

Step 5

Check time to time apps having access of Administrator privileges, inside security tab under settings. Some apps require administrator privilede like Android Device manager, Your company’s exchange email service, your security app like some Antivirus app, Androidlost app etc.  that require to access your mobile or wipe its data incase you lost it.

Step 6

Always keep screen locked with password, pin, pattern. Also lock the app using phone’s inbuilt fingerprint lock or use app like Applock. Disable notification on lock screen to getting exposed even phone is locked.

Step 7

Always download apps from Play store and wisely give permissions to app, e.g. your browser should not have permission of access sms, camera etc. Some apps request permission to access sms to easily logged you using OTP or fetch the OTP from SMS if you generate some transaction. But risk is yours.

Step 8

Never save cards on any merchant website your ewallet, in case their data is exposed your data is also not safe.

Step 9

Always update your mobile from settings means OTA (Over the Air update), in case OTA not working/availble than you can download the update file using trusted sources like for Oneplus mobiles download from 

Step 10

Custom ROM are always prone to get attacked or vulnerable so be careful or do not use Custom ROM or root your devices.

Step 11

Do not use apps having too much ad content, these can push harmful content that can compromise with your mobile security.

Step 12

Do not save important data on mobile directly, use some password manager app or some encrypted notes file that encrypted the data whenever you close the app.

Step 13

Encrypt your mobile using settings.

Step 14

Use reactivation lock in settings in case of Samsung mobiles, so that in case somebody stolen and try to factory reset the mobile he may not able to use the mobile without Samsung account details. For the details see the post on reactivation lock at here.

Step 15

Install good antivirus app (paid version is always good) like Avast, Nortan, Kaspersky etc. and keep updating these apps.

Step 16

Backup all your important contacts inside google account, take schedule backup of SMS using sms backup and restore app, upload the photos on Google Photos, upload the documents on Google Drive one drive etc.

Step 17

Do not use insecure WiFi networks , and do not make any digital transaction on these free WiFi networks. In case needed to do some work use proxy VPN apps like opera VPN.

Step 18

Use Google authentication app to login your Google accounts, also use two step verification for all apps if possible.

Step 19

Turn off Bluetooth when not in use, do not accept file request from the devices you don’t know.

Step 20

Always keep a strong password for your Wifi Hot spot in settings so that unwanted users may not use your mobile’s internet.

Step 21

Always keep watch the apps installed in your mobile, may be your children when using your mobile have been installed some unknown app that is compromising security of your mobile without your knowledge. So uninstall these apps and clear cache.

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