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This blog is dedicated to technology related news , stuffs, experience, knowledge, new inventions and all about that can be expressed about  technology.

Today Technology takes a very important place in our life, we can even not imagine our life without technology. Either it is the alarm that wakes us in the morning, mobile, cars, ac system, lift escalator, computer all the things we depended are a part of technology.

Day by day technology spreading all over the world and world was never before as like now. We can now contact using our mobile in anywhere in the world just by  finger tips. We can send emails anywhere, we can watch on TV about whole world. And now internet & social networking changed the view of thinking of every person in the world. Any events just by seconds updates to all over the world using social networking and sms/mms.

The technology world that changes in last 15-20 years was never as changed before. Some of example that changed our life are- Internet, Computers & Computing, Digital cameras & Camcorders, LCD/LED/3D screens and TVs , CD/DVD/MP3 media in place of magnetic audio/video tapes. Electric Charged cars, Renewable energy based power plants, Smart Grid, Smart Cars, Smart Automobiles & Transportation.

A much enhanced & more improved medicine, diagnosis and treatments .All there technology and it is growing more & more. May be after 10-20 years we may never thought of the things that may happen at that time.

In this blog you will find all technology related material that is based on current practices used in technology and about new inventions, new dimensions in the field of technology in a very simple and understanding way.

All of your encouragement, appreciation and suggestion are required to make this blog more interesting and informative. All  readers are requested to take participation by your valuable comments.