Jan 182014

I have come around with many people having Android Phone complaining that their phone battery life drain very fast and even not lasts through a day. I have written in my previous post a lot of trick to increase battery Android phone battery life. In this post there are few more tips to increase the battery life so that you can use more juice from your battery and no need to worry about frequent charging.

battery saving

The most of Android Phone come with pre-installed many stock applications by their manufacturers, those even a normal daily use no need. These are called bloatwares and these runs in background always and taking juice from your battery. You can disable these apps using Application manager under settings. First go to application manager then click on all app tab and see apps those you are not using and disable them, In some app before disabling you have to uninstall the updates thereafter you can disable them. Do not disable Google related app e.g. google sync, google play, google play settings etc. otherwise you may not able to use play store etc. You can search on google the list of safe apps that can be disabled for your Manufacturer and device model. For example in Samsung you can disable Samsung Apps, S-voice, Yahoo news and weather, Chaton(if not using), flipboard, music hub, game hub, talkback, etc. Be wise to select these app for disabling if you face any problem you can again enable them from application manager and reboot your device.

Using application manager see what are the apps running in background and disable them if not using like Chrome browser or Google Music, some people not using them it can be disabled.

In Android devices it has been observed that that Google Search (Google Now) and Google location service consumes too much battery you can disable them using Google Settings app and using settings location service.

Push service of email can also drain a lot battery these can be set to manual to conserve battery, Also keep google sync off if not in use. Some trick are very common to save more battery like turn off Wifi, 3G/2G data, GPS, Screen rotation when not in use to long last battery. Also turn on automatic brightness or keep brightness low, Use dark wallpapers and screen is the most battery consuming in big screen phones.

Use Greenify Android App from play store and hibernate the apps those frequently run in background even not in use. Remember do not greenify Messaging, Alarm apps as you won’t be able to get notification if greenified. If you always use Whatsapp, facebook, emails do not greenify them. Also not greenify launchers and widgets those are in use.

Use as less as possible widgets on your home screens as these are runs always in background and consumes a lot of battery. Keep eye on the all installed apps if any unuseful app found uninstall them.

Some app restrict your phone to goes into deep sleep when you turn off mobile screen using power button, you can install some useful apps to find out what is preventing phone to go into deep sleep e.g. Better Battery states, CPU spy, spare parts etc. When you found the culprit app uninstall that and again install.

Some times all the above works does’t work as the firmware you have installed on your phone is main cause of battery drain in that condition you have to upgrade the firmware using phone itself or through service center if it is in warranty.

Use Google and manufacturers forums  to search about your device and firmware that it is related to firmware or cause is different one. Some times the cause of battery drain may be due to faulty battery life that can be resolved by changing the battery.

Some other tips to increase the Android phone battery life without rooting are –

  • Always use Original AC charger that came with your phone to charge the battery, some local or unbranded chargers may malfunction your phone battery
  • Once in a week use full battery charging e.g. charge when battery comes down to 20% or less to 100% in one cycle.
  • Do not keep always charger plugged in even battery has been fully charged
  • Use 2G in place of 3G as 3G network consumes more battery even in idle/standby mode
  • Use wifi inplace of 3G if available
  • Keep wifi off during sleep using Wifi advanced settings option. Go to Wifi advanced option using menu key and tap over “Keep Wifi on during sleep” now select as never. Also in same settings uncheck ” Scanning Always available”.
  • Set auto screen off time as 30 Seconds.
  • Use device inbuilt power saving option if available.
  • Use custom launchers like Nova launcher, ADW launcher, Holo Launcher in place of stock lauchers as these are more Battery and RAM hogging.
  • Use stock messaging, dialer, contact, email, apps to save more battery
  • Use Airplane mode to check whether network is the cause of battery drain, If you found that when in Airplane mode not much battery drain and using normal mode there is battery drain it means your phone consumes more due to network issues (less network strenght)
  • You can change sim also as too old sim also can cause high battery drain.
  • Use Inbuilt battery manager to see what is draining the battery most, screen and android system and device Idle, cell standby is the common causes no worry if these are in top lists under battery stats.