Jan 052014

Android tips and tricks – How to print from Android phone 

Popularity of Smartphones increasing very fast rate, now most of the people have smartphones or trying to get one. Android is the major proportion in the smartphone choice by the users. In this post I will tell you how to print from your Android smartphone or tablet or make pdf from browser/email so that you can print them easily.

Suppose a situation you have to give  email print to some one e.g. at VISA office they like etickets ready available with you but in hurry you have forgot to have print out of tickets. The guy at VISA office said that they have not internet access and can print you if you give them pdf using pendrive. You have smartphone with internet access (2G/3G) but don’t know how to convert them into pdf.

Google cloud print is a very useful app using that you can print remotely from any where to a printer that connected with the desktop with google chrome browser and internet access. See my previous post to learn how to print remotely here-

Google Cloud Print.


Android tips and tricks – How to make pdf from Browsers in Android-

You need to first install dolphin browser in your android using play store.

Now also install dolphin “Web to pdf” addon.

To convert a web page into pdf slide dolphin browser at left side, now tap over web to pdf and browser preview will be saved as pdf, see the screen shot below-

Dolphin Web to pdf addon


 Android tips and tricks – How to make pdf from emails (Stock or Gmail)-

In desktop browsers you will found print buttons inside gmail but in Android Gmail app it is not available, even you cannot convert the emails to pdf. To create pdf from Gmail you have to install two Apps from Play store one is Printer Share that having lot of printing option and second one is Google Cloud Print app that allow you to save the pdf directly into Google drive.

Now open Printer share and select Gmail Icon, select your email to print now click on print, In Option icon select printer as Google Cloud Printer. Now click on print to start printing your email will print as pdf and uploaded to Google Drive from where you can download pdf. For stock email app of many smartphones have print option in menu bar, from where you can choose printer as Printer Share and follow the same above mentioned procedure. If you have not print option in your stock email app you can forward your emails to Gmail and from where you can print as pdf.

One more option to create pdf is open Gmail in browser and where you will found print button as like desktop and you can save email into Google drive using Google Cloud Print.

Printer share

printer share-2

Hope this post will help you create pdf from browsers and emails.