Mar 122012

Android tips and tricks: How to free up your android phone’s internal memory

Today most of android phone are coming with sufficient internal memory but still some mobiles are having very less memory e.g. htc wildfire s that is coming with an internal memory of 512Mb. From 512MB lot of memory has occupied with Android OS setup files and your are getting approax. 150 MB free memory only.

When your install 20-30 apps it will  start to give error that internal memory is low and you are not able to install new apps. You are not able to use Google maps, you tube etc. there is some tips using them you can free up lots of your internal memory follow the steps below-

  1. Move your apps to sd card, lots of apps can be moved to SD card except some android based apps e.g. market, google maps etc.
  2. Free up cache of your apps using application manager in settings , your google maps and browser having lot of memory stored in cache that can be deleted.
  3. First sync all the contacts profile with android profile e.g. facebook etc. then delete all other contact profiles except android. These contact profiles occupies lot of memory.
  4. Clear google map offline cache and offline tiles.
  5. Take a backup of your less used apps using androzip file manager and  uninstall them
  6. You can factory reset you mobile if your mobile frequently hangs due to less memory problem.

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