Mar 042013

Most of Android  users are always worried about their RAM usage, for example if your phone has 1 GB RAM but in available memory it is shown as 150 MB free etc. Than you start to download task manager & task killer to continue kill the apps to free the RAM but soon you realize there is no benefit RAM again shown as free as 150 MB. See below how can you optimse your RAM usage.

Android Tips and Tricks – How to optimize RAM

First of all remember that Android works with a different way it is not an windows OS to free the RAM just kill the apps and services. Android system always keep the memory in hand in account of some apps so that you can easily and fast launch such apps. You need not not to worry that available RAM is  very low. Android system itself reallocate RAM to the apps that running currently and reduce RAM memory from the apps running in background. When you enable data of your mobile using GPRS/3G/Wifi android system also starts some apps that may require data connection for sync etc. like facebook, youtube, gmail, email, google maps etc. It does not mean that they are using resources, to check the actual apps those are running just go to settings and now press application manager where you will see running services. If you found any unusual apps those you don’t want to run in background kill/stop using application manager. You can also uninstall such apps if you need not to use any more to save RAM usage and battery usage.

Some Google apps and services you cannot stop/kill using application manager also like Gmap, Google search, google service etc. So these services always take some amount of RAM. If you don’t use continuously such app like facebook than signout from these apps and stop services.

Widgets always run in background and usage RAM as per their need, so use as less as possible widgets to save RAM & Battery usage. You can reboot your mobile to free RAM if it is continue low. Switched of syncing of account to save RAM or use manual sync whenever you required. Also do not use push email option , in place of this use manual push option. Do not live wallpaper as these are using some amount of RAM continuous. If you have more than launchers e.g. Go launcher, ADW launcher etc. than uninstall other launchers as they always consumes more RAM. If you use all the stock apps as much possible than you RAM usage will increase like phone app, contact app, launcher, sms app etc.

If your device is rooted that you can freeze some app or uninstall system apps that you do not further want to use. But be care full you should have your self original ROM so that you can install that in case you accidently removed some important system app.

Hope using above Android tips and tricks you will be able to optimise your RAM usage.