Oct 092012

Android tips and tricks – How to send files using bluetooth

For new Android users it may be annoying that why there is no option found easily to send files using bluetooth to other mobiles. I am telling you some easy android tips and trick to send your mobile files easily using bluetooth.

First of all many stock file manager that comes with your Android smartphones not having feature to send or share files using bluetooth. You have to install ES File Explorer or Adao File Manager. Now open these file manager and press & hold on your selected file now you will found option like share in ES file explorer and send to in Adao file manager , select share with bluetooth to send the file.

If your desired mobile is not pair with your Android mobile you have to first pair the second mobile for sending the file for this follow these-

  • Go to settings > wireless & networks> bluetooth settings
  • turn on bluetooth
  • check on discoverable
  • now scan the desired mobile after turning on the bluetooth
  • now select the device/mobile & pair the device
  • If any passcodes are to be typed, type the passcodes & pair

After pairing you can easily transfer the files between these devices.