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Android Tips and Tricks – How to take backup of Android mobile before factory reset

If you are going to factory reset your mobile or you want change your Android mobile you need to backup and restore your mobile data. As Smartphone are playing very important role in our lives, everything is important for users like whatsapp chat, sms, contacts, many apps on which you are dependent.

In this guide we will explain you how to take complete backup of your Android device. One thing to remember that you are not able to take backup of user specific settings like your Android apps customization and settings, app data etc. without rooting. Using some of apps and PC software you can also take backup of user app data but 100% backup is not guarantee e.g Samsung Kies, Samsung smart switch you can also take backup of user specific data.

Android backup and restore-1

It is  always better to save contacts inside Google accounts , if you still not saving your contacts inside Google account here is some tips how to backup and save contacts into google account.

Go to your contact app and under settings of contacts export all contacts to sd card or internal memory in the form of vCard or CSV file format. Now copy this file using data cable to your desktop. Now using web browser (chrome, firefox etc.) open Gmail; under Gmail left side click on small triangle to open Google contacts, see the screen shot below:

google contacts

Now inside Google Contacts click on import the contact button and browse the earlier saved Vcard/CSV file e.g. conatct_001.vcf.

Now after import completes, all your contacts are saved on Google servers into your account, whenever you need to restore these contacts inside your android mobile add same Google account and under account sync settings check contacts.

Google contact sync

An older approach is always there import this .vcf file using contact app inside your new mobile to restore contacts offline.

Install sms backup and restore app from google play store to take backup of sms’s, also backup the data inside cloud like Google drive or Dropbox.

Backup your chat inside sd card or internal memory using whatsapp settings-> chats and calls-> chat backup

Copy all  the files and folders inside internal memory from sd card or using data cable from PC.

In the new phone sign in with your google account and sync contacts.

Install Sms backup and restore app to restore sms from internal memory/external memory.

Install whatsapp and during setup with your existing mobile number, choose restore chat data to restore all chat and threads. All media files will be remain in internal memory card and updated with chat thread.

Install all the apps using earlier saved .apk files using Androzip.

  • Android Tips and Tricks : Some of the other options for backup and restore
  1. For Samsung Users – Use Samsung Kies to backup and restore your phone and use smart switch new PC software to transfer data from one samsung phone to other.
  2. Use inbuilt Google’s backup and restore feature but manual backup as described above is always better for safer side.

If you go into your phone’s settings, you’ll find a section called Backup & Reset. In here you’ll find an option for backing up your data, including Wi-Fi passwords, preferences and app data. All of this will be tied to your Google account, which you can set to automatically restore when you re-install an app.

Android backup and restore

3. Use third party apps from google play store like Easy Backup & Restore and Go backup .

4. Rooted users has full rights to take complete backup of their Android devices , Titanium Backup is the one of the best app for Rooted users. Using Titanium backup user can take backup of everything like, apps with user data also. If you restore back to your device, will not lose anything only thing is that you have login on all the apps using your user id & password for security reason.

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