Mar 192016

Android Tips and Tricks- How to improve performance of Android smartphone

You may have noticed that your android mobile have become very slow and sluggish, not responding on your touches/inputs or taking long time to respond. However same was working well and respond fast when it was new at the time of purchase.

The reasons behind the sluggish behavior of android device are mainly due to too many processes and apps working in background, cache and junk files accumulated after long time of usage, cache of browsers, apps data increases day by day.

In this post I will tell you some tips to improve performance of your android mobile and also improve battery life.

How to improve android performace

  1. Uninstall the app which are not used/rarely used – Android OS is different working than Windows or Apple’s iOS it keeps the app in memory and also run many apps in background for fast opening and working. So as much of app you have installed in your Mobile they cause your phone consuming more RAM and also sun background that make sluggish your mobile and also battery drain too fast. Many apps users rarely used and even forget after installing, uninstall the third party apps those are installed from play store using app manager inside the settings of mobile.

Open app manager inside settings and tap on running apps to see what are the apps running in background and check the unnecessary apps for uninstalling purpose. Even some apps not shown here but they may use system resources time to time and used system memory that is not advisable for fast operation of system.

  1. Disable the unwanted system apps – Some of the system apps you cannot uninstall, many phone manufactures also put some bloated apps in their OS those are mostly not used.

For example by default these Google apps found in every Android OS

Google Play Music

Google Play Books

Google Play Movies & TV

Google Play Newsstand

Google Play Games


And for example in Samsung you may found these apps that can be safely disabled –

Flipboard (if not using)

S Voice (if not using)

S-translator (Google translator is better)

You may found others also based on your usage, for disabling them go to app manger inside settings and tap over all apps.      Now see the apps those are to be disabled tap over that app and tap over disable, if asked for uninstall the update version uninstall them.

Whenever you want to use that app again, go to app manger and tap over disabled app and now tap to enable.

Rooted android user can also freeze or even uninstall system apps using titanium backup.

  1. Remove unused widgets – If you have placed too many widgets on mobile’s home screen you are compromised your phone performance. Widgets have more priority than apps and always run in background. Keep screen widgets as low as possible, only use widgets those are required daily use basis.
  2. Remove phone cache and junk files – Your mobile have many cache memory accumulated during usage like system file cache, web browser cache you may clean them using clean master app. Install the clean master from play store and clean them regularly.
  3. Stop auto run of apps – Many apps run automatically even you have closed them task manager, use clean master to stop them auto run. Also put the apps those are desired to run for phone OS in ignore list like true caller, anti-virus , clean master , weather updates etc. In a rooted mobile, system apps can also be stopped from auto run. But in non-rooted mobile only user apps downloaded from play store can be stopped from auto run.
  1. Use Greenify app – Greenify app put the apps into hibernation when not in used, saves RAM usage and battery. But there are some limitations of this app that auto hibernation works on in unlocked phone (where screen lock security chosen to none) also many features required rooted phone and donation version.
  2. Disable live wallpaper – If you have live wall paper set on your mobile’s home screen, it may slow down performance of your device. Choose the normal wallpaper in place of live wallpaper.
  1. Choose different launcher – If your launcher usage too much memory and resources you can change it to some light launcher like Google now launcher, nova launcher, solo launcher etc.
  1. Close wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G when not in used.
  1. Use developer mode for some tricks – Every android mobile have developer options inside settings that is hidden. To enable developer option tap seven times on build number inside about section of phone settings. You will found animation tab inside developers option, set animations scales to none or minimum (like 0.5 times). Also restrict background processes to 3-4.
  1. Clear web browsers cache – for fast opening of web pages every web-browser conserve cache, you can clear this inside setting of individual browser.
  1. Change the frequency of auto sync apps- Many apps automatically sync data from internet e.g. weather apps, news apps, email/Gmail, Facebook, whatsapp etc. you can change the interval of sync of these apps and also put manual sync in place of auto so that it may not only save your data, battery but also put less load on your mobile system and make them perform faster.
  1. Use SD Maid to remove unnecessary files and defrag system memory – SD maid is a powerful android tool, allowing users to defragment of temp and junk files left back by apps after uninstalls. SD maid accesses your phone and cleans up unnecessary directories and folders to free up the spaces.
  1. Restrict data to certain apps– Some apps always consume data in background even not used or opened, you can restrict the access to data/wifi to such apps which are not necessary to used data. For this go to settings and tap over data usage now from the list of apps choose the app that you want to restrict for using data, tap over the app and scroll down and check the box to restrict background data.
  1. Factory Reset – If everything not works for you as described above the final step is to factory reset your mobile. You can do soft reset or hard reset. Soft rest is easily can be performed using settings for hard reset you require little bit of skills. See the post below to know how to hard reset your mobile.

How to factory reset your mobile Hard and Soft

These are the android tips and tricks to improve performance of android mobile, if you have any more suggestion please comments on this post.