Nov 122017

Android Tips and Tricks : Improve performance of Android smartphone using developer options

If you have an Android Smartphone you can increase the performance of android smartphone using simple Android tips and tricks.

Every smartphone has some animations for app opening, launcher animations like scrolling effect, transition animation etc. but by default these are set to scale of 1. You can reduce these animations to certain level like 0.5 times, 0.2 times or even turn off completely. Reducing animations will reduce app launch time and your phone looks working faster even there are no any changes to OS level or hardware level.

How to enable developer option in android smartphone

By defaults developer options is disabled in Android Smartphones, to enable this go to android settings> tap over about phone> tap over build number seven times. After this developer options has been enabled in settings.

Now go to to developer options settings and change following animations to 0.5 times or off the animations.

Windows animation scale

Transition animation scale

Animator duration scale

See the screen shots below:

android tips and tricks-1

android tips and tricks-2

android tips and tricks-3