Jan 052013

AndroidLost free is a free android apps that prevent your android smartphone from theft. Using android free website you can track your mobile on google map, lock your mobile, take snap shots. You can also unlock your mobile if you have forgot your pattern or pin lock code. This function is very useful suppose a situation you have locked your phone and unable to unlock it using Gmail user name and password as this feature requires a working internet connection to check your gmail account. But once you have locked your mobile and your mobile data or wifi connection is turned off, you cannot enable it because your mobile is locked. Using pre defined mobile nos. when you send a unlock sms it will unlock your mobile as it uses administrator access to control your mobile.

"androidlost free"

If you have not a pre defined mobile number nearby , you can also lock/ unlock your mobile using PIN function to any mobile number by sending sms to your mobile.

This apps also have many other features like you can increase your mobile’s ringtone volume, wipe data of mobile internal memory or external memory card. Even if somebody change sim card this apps works in that condition also, it can also send last 10 calls from call log to identified the number.

Although this android apps working fine with your stock sms application, but if you have installed any custom sms app from store like handcent sms or Go sms pro you may have problem to work with sms codes. In that condition use following settings for your sms applications as mentioned on android lost forums –

Go SMS – Open Go SMS, hit ‘Menu’ and click ‘Settings’, click on ‘Receive Settings’, then uncheck the ‘Disable other message notifications. Then open the built in SMS app, hit ‘Menu’ then click  settings, there is a setting called ‘Notifications’ uncheck that. Handcent SMS – Open Hancent, Hit ‘Menu’ and select Settings, Click Application settings, then Default Messaging Application, Set this to ‘Disable’. Then open the built in SMS app, hit ‘Menu’ then click settings, there is a setting called ‘Notifications’ uncheck that. 

You can download this android apps from android play store. Link of authors website –  Androidlost Free.com