Mar 232012

The latest  rumor about the next Apple  iPhone 5 is that , Apple iphone 5 will be 4.6″ screen and to be launched in Q2 as per  Reuters.

The international news agency quoted an unnamed industry source, who revealed in front of the South Korean Business newspaper that the next iPhone will be packing a huge 4.6″ display. What’s even more surprising, Apple will reportedly be unveiling it in Q2, merely 9 months after the 4S was announced.

Unfortunately, exciting as this rumor might all be, we seriously doubt its credibility. You see, switching from a 3.5″ to a 4.6″ display is as drastic a change as you can imagine and such drastic changes risk alienating some customers. And when you have a user base as large and loyal as the one Apple has, that’s the last thing you would want to do.

Also, the Holiday quarter release worked out quite well for the iPhone 4S, which scored record sales, despite not getting as great reception from the media as its predecessor. We don’t see how Apple would want to cut its product life short by unveiling its successor in Q2.

So while we’d love to see an iPhone with a larger screen and as soon as possible, we don’t think any of this is happening. And 4.6″ might be stretching it anyway, so we are not really sure you should feel bad about it.

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