Mar 152014

Internet and smartphones made our life so easy and hassle free, using internet you can do most of the important work by home like paying your bills, money transfer , sending emails and sharing documents using cloud computing. But working on all these stuffs you require a key that is in the form of characters called passwords. These passwords made your life complex, as you have to remember dozens of passwords for every website and service provided over internet.

But there are many solutions available so that not only you can save your passwords in one place , even you can encrypted them so that nobody can access them. For desktop and laptop PCs Keepass is a very wonderful tool that was explained in my earlier post, but if your travel a lot and not near to your laptop than aWallet Password Manager Android Apps can do this work very easy.

awallet password manager


"Awallet Password manager"

In aWallet Password Manager Android Apps you can save your all passwords in categories form e.g. email, credit cards, netbanking etc. aWallet Password Manager uses a password to open the apps so remember this password or you can write in some safe place because if you forgot this password you are not able to access your all saved passwords anymore. aWallet Password Manager also have feature to autolock the application after user defined time e.g. 1min, 2min 5min also when apps goes into background it will also locked automatically. You can also export your all passwords data file that is encrypted form to sd card , and from there can export to dropbox or any email as attachment to backup.