Jan 042014

Samsung has released bugfree Android 4.3  update for Samsung Galaxy S3, the previous 4.3 update that was halted due to many bugs like wake up lag, huge battery drain etc. has been fixed and Samsung resumed the update. The update has following features over previous android 4.1.2 firmware –

Galaxy s3 4.3 update

  1. More smoother and fluid android experience
  2. Text brightness and sharpness increased
  3. GPU drivers has been updated results better display performance
  4. Adapt display and sound feature
  5. Samsung apps opened in full screen mode
  6. Support for Multiple lock screen widgets
  7. Missed call and sms alerts on patten/pin lock
  8. Addition of widgets in notification bar e.g. airplane mode, wifi hot spot etc.
  9. Notification widgets expanded by one click
  10. Daydream in display settings
  11. Grouped/Tabbed settings option in settings for easy accessibility
  12. Samsung S4 style contact and dialer
  13. S4 style contact avatar
  14. New sound and shot feature in camera app
  15. New calculator, Music player and gallery app
  16. Fast opening of contact and gallery app
  17. Move to sd card support
  18. Galaxy gear support
  19. Trim support for better responsiveness
  20. Personised Sound choose option during call on call screen like soft,clear, etc. (previously it was under call settings)
  21. Call settings is now under settings tab
  22. S4 like S-voice app
  23. Wifi data usage tracker under data usage tab under settings
  24. Transparent status bar under Touch Wiz launcher, though not available under other launchers e.g. Go launcher, nova, apex, holo, adw launchers.

Disappointment over new 4.3 update –

  1. Still old Galaxy S3 style accuweather widget
  2. Old same s3 keyboard no number row in keyboard
  3. Same old camera app except sound and shot feature (S4 camera features like drama shot and two way recording not available)
  4. Battery drain is quite high with respect to old 4.1.2 version but still good
  5. No transparent status bar for other launchers

I think these features are skipped to still promote Galaxy S4 over Galaxy S3 otherwise who will buy S4 that is having only IR blaster feature only extra.

See the next post how to upgrade Galaxy S3 to Android 4.3 using Odin

Source –  Sammobile