Jul 252013

Camstudio is a wonderful tool using this you can record your Laptop/Desktop screen with all activities. Camstudio come with sound recording feature also you can record sound or disable sound as your preferences.


Once minimized it will come inside your taskbar tray , from where you can record and stop by right click on Camstudio icon. During the recording you can pause and again start.

Desktop recording feature is very useful, e.g. you want to describe some software/hardware related problem to Manufacturer customer care service , you can record and send them the video. If you are a blogger and want to show something using recording , you can record your activity thereafter can upload the same on youtube and share the video with your readers.

For online video/movie lovers this feature is very useful , you can record whole movie during playing and after enjoy again without loosing your internet data.

For downloading Camstudio click here –  Download

See the Camstudio demo-