Mar 152016
Now send pdf files using whatsapp

Whatsapp has introduced a new feature into their app to send and receive pdf attachments. Now users can also send and receive the pdf files as attachment as like music/video/image files. Media files are already available to share between individuals and between groups from a long time. Now in the latest update of whatsapp you have the option to send pdf files as attachment under document tab. To receive or send both the users should

Dec 052015
Use Facebook Lite to save data and mobile resources

Use Facebook Lite to save data and mobile resources Facebook inside Android Smartphone is a must have app for most of the users, but this app consumes lot of data if you have low data plans and also consumes lot of mobile resources. The app itself is a hefty in size (around 43 MB), and after installing it takes lot of memory of your phone (around 235 MB). It runs always in background and eats

Jul 112015
Omitra - Train Social app

Omitra Train Social App OMitra is an Indian Rail Social app (available at Android play store), this app has been designed to solve most of the common problems that faced by passengers in Indian train perspective. Imagine a scenario when you are in a Train journey and sudden requirement of any medicine, you have to ask in your coach about medicine one by one to all passengers if you have failed than you have to

May 102015
How to activate two step verification for Microsoft Account

Using Two Step Verification for Microsoft Account you can double secure your account with extra layer of security using Microsoft Authentication app or codes receive on your mobile. Google has using the feature from long time now in Microsoft also you can use two step verification, for Google account see this previous post how to enable and use two step verification – Google Two Step Verification For Microsoft account (hotmail,, windows) see below how to setup Two Step

Feb 132015
Microsoft has launched Microsoft Health App

Microsoft has recently launched Microsoft Health App that is available for iOS, Android & Windows platform. Microsoft Health is a cloud-based service that helps you live healthier by providing actionable insights based on data gathered from the fitness devices and apps that you use every day. Activity-tracking devices like the new Microsoft Band, smart watches, and mobile phones plus services like RunKeeper or MyFitnessPal connect easily to Microsoft Health. Using this fitness data and our

Aug 312014
NiLS - An Android Apps to show all notifications on lockscreen

NiLS Lockscreen Notifications is an android apps using that all your Notifications can be shown on your lockscreen. You can also clear them with single touch without opening the lock of your phone and pull down status bar to clear them. NiLS android apps is a great idea to see the notifications on lock screen without opening lock of your mobile phone, as in a whole day there are lot of notifications generated from many

Mar 152014
aWallet Password Manager An Android Apps to save your passwords safely

Internet and smartphones made our life so easy and hassle free, using internet you can do most of the important work by home like paying your bills, money transfer , sending emails and sharing documents using cloud computing. But working on all these stuffs you require a key that is in the form of characters called passwords. These passwords made your life complex, as you have to remember dozens of passwords for every website and

Mar 112014
EDS Lite - An Android Apps to view truecrypt files

Truecrypt is a very useful free tool available for both windows and Linux platforms , using truecrypt you can create encrypted volume and folders. Even you can fully encrypt your hard-disk, this is also very useful as you can encrypt your USB mass storage deices e.g. Pen drives or external hard-disk , so in case of lost of your drive data will be safe. See the previous post regarding Truecrypt , I have recently found

Jan 052014
Power Toggles Android App - A must download for every Android User

Power Toggles Android App is a very useful application that in must download for every Android user. It has many features and for root users you may found some more extra features. Power Toggles Android app have two type of interface one is Home Screen Widget mode and other is notification widgets that can serve a lot of works that every body required. For example some devices have notification quick widget to control Audio ,

Jul 222013
Droid wall - A Firewall for your rooted android device

Using Droid wall android apps you can firewalled your android devices either phone or tablet. This is a very good application that do the job as described by app, you should be rooted to use this application. Using Droid wall you can select which application do you want to give internet access or for which deny the internet access. This application not only save your data usage and battery also safe your device from hacking,

Mar 102013
Remote control your laptop using All in one remote android Apps

Android apps and your Android Smartphone can do many wonders for you such as remote control your laptop using bluetooth or wifi. For people those are involves in frequent presentations and the teachers/lecturers this is very useful function. Android smartphone can be used  as a mouse , power point slide changer. For enabling this feature you have to install All in one remote Android apps from google play store. After installing this android apps also

Jan 052013
AndroidLost Free an android apps to protect your mobile from theft

AndroidLost free is a free android apps that prevent your android smartphone from theft. Using android free website you can track your mobile on google map, lock your mobile, take snap shots. You can also unlock your mobile if you have forgot your pattern or pin lock code. This function is very useful suppose a situation you have locked your phone and unable to unlock it using Gmail user name and password as this feature