Oct 142012
Download free android apps - Angry Birds Game

Download free android apps – Angry Birds Game , Angry birds game is very much popular among the Mobile & Tablet users. Many users not able to download this big file due to non availability of Wifi or limited data network in their mobile or tablet phones.   You can download free android apps angry birds directly from here- Angry Bird Or see the Google Play Store Link – Angry Birds

Oct 142012
Download free android apps - Galaxy S3 Dandelion

Download free android apps – Galaxy S3 Dandelion – Using Galaxy S3 dandelion free android apps turn your android mobile look like Galaxy S3. You can set a wallpaper just like of Galaxy S3 with water droplet and sound effect. Touch or tap the screen to add water drops on your home screen! To use: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers. Download free android apps – Galaxy S3 Dandelion directly from here – Galaxy S3 Dandelion

Oct 092012
CPU Spy an Android Apps to diagnosis mobile's battery life

Using CPU Spy Android Apps you can found that on which cpu frequency your mobile runs more, and also you can diagnosis your mobile battery drain issues. For example if your mobile’s battery drain too fast that is not normal you can see using cpu spy android apps that your mobile is going to deep sleep after you press power button or it is still awaken. Thereafter using spare parts android apps you can trace

Oct 092012
ConvertPad an Android Apps for Unit Converter

ConvertPad an Android Apps for Unit Converter  Using CovertPad – Unit Converter android apps you can convert all units easily , just select the unit you want to convert e.g. length, weight, pressure, temperature etc. Type the value for example in length select meter , type 100 and it will show all related units like , 0.1 kms, 10000 cms., 100000 mm etc. You can also create your own user defined units by using multiplication

Sep 082012
Swiss Army Knife Android apps must have for an engineer

Using Swiss army knife android apps you can also turn your android smartphone as a multipurpose tool like Swiss army knife. You can use your mobile as a compass, bubble level indicator, calculator, torch, as a scale, magnifying glass and stop watch also. It is really a good android apps that was indeed a must have for all users. Each tool does what it is supposed to do. There’s no space for special effects like

Jun 302012
Turn your Android phone look as Windows Phone using Launcher 7

If you are bored from your usual android look you can convert your android UI in windows phone UI using lancher 7. Launcher 7 is a launcher that is available free on Google’s play store. This luncher having tiles as like windows phone also you can add your android widgets on the home screens of this launcher. App drawer is also made as like windows phone, you can tweak nad try many settings in the

Jun 112012
Laser Level : An android apps to hang a photo frame or poster in straight on wall

Using Laser level android apps you can check that a photo frame, poster , or clock is straight or not during hanging on the wall. Download this android apps free from here – laser level Or you can download this apps from google play store – Laser Level  Laser Level lets you use your Android powered phone’s camera similarly to laser level tool. It also shows angle in degrees. For example, you can quickly see if

Jun 102012
Sms Backup & Restore - An android apps to save your sms in SD card

SMS Backup & Restore is an android apps that easily and very fast save all your text messages (sms)  into your sd card memory and you can restore again them when you needed. You can download this android apps from here – Direct Download   sms backup & restore  Or download from google play link –  SMS Backup & Restore Other features – Schedule automatic backups or backup your messages anytime you wish. You can view

Jun 092012
RealCalc - An android apps to covert you android smartphone as Scientific calculator

RealCalc – It is an free android apps to use your android mobile as a scientific calculator. And you further no need to keep with you a scientific calculator just use your smart phone when you needed difficult engineering calculations to do. Download this free android apps from here – Direct Download  RealCalc  Google Play Store link –                  RealCalc Download  Description RealCalc Scientific CalculatorAndroid’s #1 Scientific Calculator. A

May 282012
Indian Caller Info: An Android apps to know callers location, city, state,operator

Indian Caller Info: Download this android apps from google play store and this apps tell you when a call come from unknown number , caller’s location e.g. if a call coming from a landline it will display city and state name with operator. And if a call come from a mobile then it will tell you the mobile operator name and mobile circle for example Airtel, Delhi or Vodafone UP(E) etc. This is a free

May 022012
Tawkon- An android apps to alert you about radiation

Tawkon- An android apps to alert you about radiation – Tawkon is a free Android app  that tells you exactly how much electromagnetic radiation your handset is exposing to your brain and other organs, and informs you when to hold it away from your head . The app warns when radiation levels from a phone are high – taking into account the model, and what is transmitting through its aerials, and even offers tips on how to

Apr 182012
Rmaps - An android apps to view and navigate with offline google maps

Rmaps – An android apps to view and navigate with offline google maps Using Rmaps you can view online and offline maps into your android mobile , also you can use this apps to navigate through maps. But in this apps you can not choose the directions in online and offline mode. But you can view your location and driving direction during navigation. This android apps ends the days of paper maps when you visit