Jul 012013

I wonder that why headset icon not coming in notification bar in Galaxy s3 when I placed headset jack into the phone. I search many forums regarding this problem of Galaxy S3 and many other galaxy devices and found the solution of this that I am sharing in this post. First of all one thing is clear that headset icon only works when you have selected default launcher as Touchwiz , if you have installed

Mar 042013

Most of Android  users are always worried about their RAM usage, for example if your phone has 1 GB RAM but in available memory it is shown as 150 MB free etc. Than you start to download task manager & task killer to continue kill the apps to free the RAM but soon you realize there is no benefit RAM again shown as free as 150 MB. See below how can you optimse your RAM

Mar 042013

Many times you may require to factory reset your phone or android device, the reasons may be that you want to remove your main google account, or your phone has been locked and unable to unlock.  There are also some other reasons e.g. your phone having some problems/issues related to OS e.g. frequent freeze and hanging and may be that you are continue facing problem of low memory. If you are able to access your

Oct 092012
Android tips and tricks - How to send files using bluetooth

Android tips and tricks – How to send files using bluetooth For new Android users it may be annoying that why there is no option found easily to send files using bluetooth to other mobiles. I am telling you some easy android tips and trick to send your mobile files easily using bluetooth. First of all many stock file manager that comes with your Android smartphones not having feature to send or share files using

Aug 172012

Android Tips and Tricks – How to control data network using fake APN For new android users it is difficult to keep an eye on data network on -off, many times it get turns on suddenly  without your notice. If you are on a limited data plan ( GPRS or 3G) then it is very unpleasing you charged for data usage even you don’t have used it intentionally . Many times when you restart your phone or

Jul 152012
Cyanogenmod 7 Guide Part 2: New Features & Tweaks

Cyanogenmod 7 Guide Part 2: New Features & Tweaks  In this post let us see new features of Cyanogenmod 7 and how to customise your Cyanogen Mod 7. Add remove widgets in quick access status bar – You can add 18 widgets in quick access toolbar to quick access them, and also change the position of these buttons as per your priority. Go to settings-> Cyanogenmod settings-> interface-> notification power widget->widget buttons . Now check the buttons

Jun 242012
Android Tips and Tricks - How to clear defaults in some apps

If you are using Android you must have face this problem that some apps those are designed to work for same work e.g. handcent sms, go sms pro for messaging, or go contacts for your contacts. Always one dialog box come to ask from which apps you want to do you action or complete your action see the screen shot below:   If you check the tick “use by defaults for this action” next time

Jun 242012

Android tips and tricks :How to see hindi fonts in android Android is very much popular toady, even in india a lot of android mobile phones sold daily. But still there is one problem with android that it is not supports hindi fonts. You are not able to see hindi sms, hindi coversation in facebook or hindi articles in many websites using android phone. There is a trick to see the fonts but your mobile

Jun 032012

I have recently upgraded to android 2.3.5 in my htc wildfire S, as others also I didn’t know that this upgrade will change my default lock screen to a ring unlock screen. This is very frustrating to always pull this ring to unlock the screen or pick a call, many times I had lost my calls and many times didn’t able to unlock quickly when I needed. I googled on internet I found the solution

Mar 122012

Android tips and tricks: How to free up your android phone’s internal memory Today most of android phone are coming with sufficient internal memory but still some mobiles are having very less memory e.g. htc wildfire s that is coming with an internal memory of 512Mb. From 512MB lot of memory has occupied with Android OS setup files and your are getting approax. 150 MB free memory only. When your install 20-30 apps it will

Sep 182011

How to save android battery life maximum You have read many article how to save your android mobiles battery maximum so that you can use maximum juice of your battery. You are always guided and suggested that download this apps , that apps etc. to save battery, I will tell you how to save android battery life without any extra apps, take a look on this: 1.Take backup of your all unused apps using androzip and