Mar 262016
How to send auto delete email

How to send auto delete email You may have encountered this situation many times that by mistake an email sent with draft state/some correction required or sent to wrong recipient. You want to revoke the email or want that email will automatically deleted after some time but it is not possible. also known as Dmail come with solution of this, you can now sent an email that has delete button also, email will automatic delete

Nov 302015
One Tab for Chrome and Firefox- A must have add on

One Tab for Chrome and Firefox is a free tool that converts all opened tabs of browsers to single tab in list form, this tool saves up to 95% of memory that consumed by modern browsers like Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome and Firefox are the most used web browsers today but they consumed lot of RAM when we opened lot of tabs and make your PC slower. One Tab is an add

Nov 292015
Google Chromecast 2 review and features

Google Chromecast 2 review and features Google Chromecast is a device that enables you to cast your mobile/tablet/laptop screen over your LCD/LED TV or any display device having HDMI port. For using chromecast you need your TV/Monitor with HDMI port, a wifi enabled device (e.g. Smartphone, Tablet etc.) and Wifi Network (a wifi router having internet to play YouTube videos etc. but playing local videos , photos from your device you need not internet only

May 112015
How to block unwanted game request on facebook

If you are from one who is annoyed very much with unwanted candy crush saga requests and unwanted messages than there is good news that Facebook has now enabled feature to block unwanted users or game requests. How to block unwanted game request on facebook To block unwanted game requests on facebook go to facebook settings, now click on blocking in left side menu. In next screen you will found some options to block a user

Feb 132015
Facebook has started free internet service in India

Facebook’s Free Internet Service has started in India, this service is available for Reliance customers only. Reliance Communications and Facebook announced on Tuesday that the two are bringing free access to several websites for Reliance’s mobile users via To use you have to have to be a Reliance Communications customer in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Chennai, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, or Kerala. gives Reliance Communications customers free access to 40 sites, which includes Wikipedia

Jul 272013
15 Google Search Engine Features you might not using

15 Google Search Engine Features you might not using   Many of you using Google search engine from a long time, it is the most popular search engine worldwide to search webpages, images, books, news etc. But Google has grown up in last decade very much now Google is not only a Search engine it is the most using technology in terms of mobile and desktop computing. Gmail, Youtube, Google+, Google Drive, Android, Picasa, Search Engine,

Jul 242013
How to login in two Gmail account in same browser

If you want to login in two different Gmail accounts or any other two/or more email accounts in same browser like hotmail, yahoo, rediff etc. you have to first logout first one otherwise same account will open in new window or new tab. There is one easy solution open two Gmail or any other email account in two different browser like open one account in Internet Explorer and second one in Firefox or Chrome browser.

Mar 062013
Google Authenticator for Gmail - Security in your pocket

Google Authenticator for Gmail – Security in your pocket Google has many options to double secure your accounts as already mentioned in my previous post of “how to enable 2-step verification for Gmail” . Two step verification feature secure your Google/Gmail account with the six digit passcode received on your mobile with your user name and password without this password no one can login your account even typing your user name & password. You can

Dec 042012
Gmail has increased attachment size up to 10GB using Google Drive

Still facing problems for large size email attachments , Google has introduced 10GB of email attachment limit for their users. Now you can attach a file up to 10 GB of size. This feature works with the help of Google Drive , previously as Google Doc. When you open a new compose message in Gmail and put mouse cursor over the plus sign near attachment icon (paper pin icon), you will option for Google Drive

Nov 102012
DuckDuckGo - A new search engine that keep your privacy

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that is launched recently,  as per duckduckgo site  definition “DuckDuckGo is a general purpose search engine that is intended to be your starting place when searching the Internet. Use it to get way more instant answers, way less spam and real privacy, which we believe adds up to a much better overall search experience.” The DuckDuckGo company philosophy places great emphasis on user experience and privacy. Stated on their privacy

Oct 122012
Google sms service has started in India

Google sms service has started in India – Google has started free text messages service through Gmail Chat Box in India, you can now send sms any where in India free using Gmail. You will get 50 credits for a day, If you have received back sms on reple then for a single reply you will get 5 bonus credits. This google sms service is available for all the mobile operators in India. However I have

Sep 292012
Google Voice navigation has started in India

Google has started voice based navigation for Indian android users from this September. Now using Google voice navigation you can get step by step navigation guidance free. Although this application always a part of Google Maps in android samrtphones but  in India this facility was not available earlier. Yesterday I went to Delhi and just for curosity I have click on Navigation icon in my android mobile and was surpriced that voice navigation was working