Sep 152012
How to attach large file to email using

how to attach large file to email using Many times you may found this annoying that you are not able to send larger size of files using email attachments as every email have its limitations for file attachments for performance and security reasons. In this post I will tell you how to attach large file to email- There is one option that you can upload your desired file in any file sharing site or

Sep 152012
How to convert pdf to word using Gmail

Many times you requires to type a documents those soft  copy is not available with you for editing or correcting in the original file. Using Google Doc you can easily convert a file pdf to word freely without need of any professional paid software like Adobe Acrobat etc. Many people don’t aware about this I have also written in my previous post about Optical Character Recognition (OCR) by using that you can convert a scanned

Sep 152012
How to send fax from Gmail free using hellofax

Today whole world is moving towards Digitisation and Paperless work then still many places Fax is still running where people not having access of email or internet. But it waste a lot of time to send a fax using P&T line and also wasting of paper. I will tell you in this post how to send fax from gmail free any where in the world using There are many efax service provider on internet they

Mar 142012
Mozilla today released  Firefox 11 with dev tools and sync feature

Mozilla today today released  Firefox 11 update that was delayed due to conflict with Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday security updates. Firefox 11 is much improved and secure then previous updates also you will found very smooth and fast interface as like chrome in this version. The release of Firefox 11 was announced last night on the Mozilla Blog, which also detailed the new end user and developer features. Firefox 11 includes an innovative visual layout tool called Tilt, which

Mar 042012
Manage your emails using Gmail labels

Manage your emails using Gmail labels Today all things become online either banking, billing , office works or shopping etc. ; due to this you are getting a lots of emails daily in your inbox like your bank statements, credit card statements, your phone bills, mobile bills etc. At the time of urgent requirement you start searching your important email and loss lots of time in this , many times you don’t find the desired

Mar 042012
Mozilla addons Collusion to combat with Google privacy policy

Mozilla addons Collusion against Google Privacy Policy  On 1st March,2012 Google has launched its modified privacy policy, according to that Google will collect data of their users for benefit their advertising marketing. Google is also doing this earlier also but now it is official, as per Google they will not unveil their user’s private information e.g. phone no., photo, address, email. What is privacy policy – When you search on Google without login it will

Feb 232012
How to use Gmail offline

How to use Gmail offline – You can enjoy your Gmail even when you are offline without any need of outlook or thunderbird installed in your PC. You need not to IMAP or POP configure to your outlook to access your emails offline. Using Gmail offline feature you can view you emails, compose new mails and also search your offline emails (you can also adjust how much emails you require for offline access e.g. 1 week,

Feb 092012
How to secure facebook account from being victim of Hacking

How to secure facebook account : Today hacking has become a very big problem for online users, even your facebook account may become a victim of this. May be possible that one day when you want to check your facebook account your login may failed and from other friend’s account you may get to know that your status has been updated without your knowledge. It means your account has been stolen, to prevent this type of

Jan 232012
How to send emails from another email address in gmail

How to send emails from another email address in gmail-  you can send emails from different email ID using your Gmail see how in this article. It may happens many times with you that your official outlook or exchange service was not working and you have to send an email from official email Id. But you could not have done because you can’t sent emails from gmail Id as it is not recognized and known by

Jan 022012
Now Facebook messenger for windows 7

Facebook messenger for windows: Facebook has launched messenger service for windows, currently it is available for windows 7. Messenger is a trial application that lets you use Facebook without being on While you surf the web or use other applications on your computer, you can: Chat and message with your friends on Facebook See the latest updates from your friends in ticker Get quick notifications about what’s going on During this trial period, facebook

Dec 062011
Tips for web browsing performance

Tips for web browsing performance  -some of tips to enhance you web browsing speed & performance: Are you feeling that your browser takes too much time to reload a web page , most of time showing errors and warnings. Also yo may have noticed that that when you open your browser many windows opens automatically those you don’t want to use. Your Web browser area become too short by many tool bars at top e.g.