Dec 032017
How to convert PDF to Amazon kindle eBook

How to convert PDF to Amazon kindle eBook Amazon Kindle is a very wonderful device for the eBook readers. People can read novel, fiction, melody, drama all types of EBooks on kindle eBook reader like Amazon paper white. Amazon eBook readers are very light in weight and also have paper ink technology so that we can even read in full sunlight easily. On kindle reader you can read the eBooks in full compatibility mode those

Nov 112017
How to translate a PDF File using Google Drive

Google drive has many hidden features about that many people are not aware. In our previous post we have mentioned that using google drive you can make a scan PDF file to OCR compatible. Which means you can copy and paste texts from a scanned document that is stored in the form of PDF. You can even translate a PDF or word/doc file that is stored in the Google Dive that is a very useful

Dec 052015
Convert PDF to Word using OneDrive

There are many tools available to convert PDF to word for editing but many don’t know that this can be done easily using OneDrive of Microsoft online. How to convert PDF to word  using OneDrive– First upload pdf file inside OneDrive using browser for converting pdf to word, open in browser and login with your user name & password. If you have drive already installed inside your PC (in windows 10 it is already inbuilt) copy the

Jul 292013
How to reduce size of pdf file

How to reduce size of pdf file In my previous post I have described how to convert smaller size pdf files using MS Office 2007 or higher itself using save as pdf function. Using this function you can create pdf files of 200-300 pages within 3-5 mb file size only. Some time you have faced problem to attach a large size pdf file as an email attachment, although you can do this by uploading the

Dec 062011
How to convert word and excel to PDF using ms office

How to convert word and excel to PDF using ms office: Many times you want to convert a word and excel to PDF for email attachment purposes and found that it has crosses the limit of attachments . Many Microsoft exchange servers uses inside office allow you to attach a 15-20 mb file at once. So how to convert a PDF in smaller size here is some of guidelines regarding this: 1. In Office 2007