Feb 092015
Google launched Chromecast in India

Google has launched Google Chromecast in India in Rs. 2999 , also Google is offering 60 GB data from airtel free alongwith two months Eros subscription for watching movies online. What is Chromecast: Chromecast is a thumb-sized media streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV. Simply use an Android phone, tablet, iPhone®, iPad®, Mac® or Windows® laptop, or Chromebook to cast your favourite entertainment and apps right onto the big screen.

Jul 252013
CamStudio - A tool to record desktop activity with sound

Camstudio is a wonderful tool using this you can record your Laptop/Desktop screen with all activities. Camstudio come with sound recording feature also you can record sound or disable sound as your preferences. Once minimized it will come inside your taskbar tray , from where you can record and stop by right click on Camstudio icon. During the recording you can pause and again start. Desktop recording feature is very useful, e.g. you want to

Jul 092013

Facebook ask Samsung to create Facebook phone Everybody knows Facebook has been on a mission to take over the world. You may also know that due to the failures of the HTC ChaCha and the most recent HTC First, their plans are not exactly going according to plan. Not to be dissuaded the social networking giant is attempting to rope Samsung into a deal. To set the scene for you, the HTC First was discounted

Jan 122013
How to enable Google Authenticator for wordpress

How to enable Google Authenticator for wordpress  Google Authenticator is a very useful and wonderful application by Google. Using Google authenticator you can secure your word press login and also secure many other online login accounts. Google Authenticator for wordpress secures your login from bot attacks and also secure your blog from unauthorized uses. What is Google Authenticator – This is an app for your android or apple smartphone that generate a six digit code

Jan 032013
Using QR Code share your visiting card

You may have seen often in many websites and even magazines and newspapers such square box image with random black dots and small squares. These are called QR codes (Quick Response Code). These are two dimensional bar code to contain more information even your visiting card full information can be saved in QR codes. QR codes are now become very much popular as lots of people are now using smartphones , tablets. Every smartphone like

Dec 162012
Keepass a tool to securely save all passwords in one location

Keepass is very wonderful and must have apps for all tech savvy and web users. Today everything has become fast and digital using computing and internet connectivity. But this has creates a trouble to remember you a lot of passwords, you can not save or write down your important passwords like net banking, email accounts due to security reasons. But the same time you have come in trouble if you forget a password. Every website have

Dec 022012
How to use monitor as a TV

How to use monitor as a TV If you are planning to buy a HD LED TV to  watch HD Channels but your budget is very tight and not allowing you to spend Rs. 20000 – 40000/- on an LED high definition TV; you can take a look on this post for various TV viewing option to use monitor as a tv on your computer LED monitor without paying a huge amount on LED HDTV. In every

Nov 122012
What is Captcha

You may have seen many time this captcha in online registration forms , login pages and where you have to retrieve your password. You asked to enter some words those are written in some difficult form to check you are human. Some website asked to write words some wants to do some simple math like 2+6=    etc. You may wonder what is this captcha and why its is needed. As per wikipedia ” A CAPTCHA or

Nov 112012

How to insert youtube video into wordpress post You have seen many webpages where youtube video image is shown, and when you play video it will play itself inside a page. WordPress users can also insert a youtube videos inside a post or page using youtube embedded codes. For easiest solution you can also install WP UI TAB plugin it will allow you to directly paste you embedded codes inside a wordpress post or can

Nov 112012
15 Must have plugin for wordpress users

15 Must have plugin for wordpress users If you are a new wordpress user on self-hosted wordpress blog than you have to know some of best and must have plugin for wordpress. Plugins are just like an add-in to your wordpress application. Using these plugins you can customise your blog as per your need without knowing code of wordpress. For a newbie who don’t have knowledge of wordpress codes (these are in PHP) these plugins

Oct 282012
Tablet Vs Laptop what is difference

Tablet Vs Laptop what is difference If you are thinking that Tablet is a complete replacement of a Laptop, desktop or Ultrabook then you may be wrong a little bit. Many people thinking after purchasing a tablet they can do all works that can be done by a traditional laptop. Yeah it is right that using tablet you can do web surfing, can edit documents, view pdf files, play games , watch movies, listen songs

Oct 122012
What is difference between LED and LCD TV and Displays

What is difference between LED and LCD TV and Displays When you think to purchase a HDTV, it is very confusing that which TV to be purchased e.g. LED or LCD. In today’s time television are playing very important role in our life. And to decide which TV should be suitable for you we have furnished some comparison between LCD Vs LED TV’s. Let us see LED (light emitting diodes) and LCD (liquid crystal display)