Jul 252013
How to get rid of unwanted emails

How to get rid of unwanted emails – You have daily seen that your email inbox has received lot of unwanted emails , most of them are related to product promotions, some are related to softwares, banks offers, newsletters, credit card offers etc. It is become very difficult to found important emails between them. You have to either keep deleted them but if you are not having time to sort them these emails flooded your

Jul 242013
How to login in two Gmail account in same browser

If you want to login in two different Gmail accounts or any other two/or more email accounts in same browser like hotmail, yahoo, rediff etc. you have to first logout first one otherwise same account will open in new window or new tab. There is one easy solution open two Gmail or any other email account in two different browser like open one account in Internet Explorer and second one in Firefox or Chrome browser.

Oct 252012
How to forward emails from outlook to another email account

How to forward emails from outlook to another email account In many offices email access is provided by MS exchange servers to their employees, and email account is configured on generally through outlook. In office it works fine but problem started when you want to access your emails from outside using web interface. Most of companies web interface is very poor and also email, viewing, attachment is very difficult as UI is old and poor.

Sep 162012
How to find email ip address -from where an email actually received

You may many times thought it would be very useful if you also know from where an email has arrived to your inbox. Many times you have received  a fraud email that is claiming that you have received some gift or lottery and you want to deposite certain amount to this account to claim your lottery etc. etc. You know that it is an fraud email but you also want to know from where you

Aug 152012
Hotmail Turns to Outlook.com

The most popular email service provider hotmail.com now turns to outlook.com. Hotmail is founded by Indian Sabeer Bhatia that is the first free email service provider thereafter acquired by Microsoft. Microsoft has changed the look of hotmail and also changed the name as Outlook.com. Outlook has a UI just like metro interface of windows 8. It has ribbon interface. Using outlook you can interface skydrive and your live account simultaneously. Inbox provides live preview of

Feb 072012
MS Exchange setup guide for your smart phone and Tablets

MS Exchange setup guide for your smart phone and Tablets :  In this post I will explain you how to setup your ms exchange or outlook account inside your smartphone. It is based on my experience the setup may be different for your company but basic things will remain same. First you have to make settings in your office outlook account, because if this is not enabled then you will not be able to enable

Sep 072011

Drag and Drop Email Attachments :  You often feel this frustrating when a lot of files to attached in many mails in Outlook and also same in gmail . There is a smart way to attach mails using drag and drop email attachments , you may have wonder how would you have been not aware this before. For example if you want to insert a word/excel/ppt  file just open new mail in outlook and drag the