May 212015
How to enable classic print preview in MS Office 2010 and higher

In MS Office 2010 or higher print preview has been embedded inside print tab not as like classic print preview where you can see the full screen print preview with page setup. To see the print preview you have to click on file and print in both MS Word and MS Excel, where print option and preview are both combined. It is not as useful as earlier print option where we can see full screen

Feb 082015
Turn your presentation into a video

In MS Office 2010 & above you can convert your presentation into video file (.wmv format). Why turn your presentation into a video? When you want to give a high-fidelity version of your presentation to colleagues or customers (either as an e-mail attachment, published to the web, on a CD or DVD), save it and let it play as a video.When you want to give a high-fidelity version of your presentation to colleagues or customers

Dec 022012

Improve ms word performance by setting default printer as local Many times it is seen that if you are working in MS office Word & Excel documents it takes a long time to open.  Always when you open a document it shows a dialogue that connecting to printer and than open with delay that is not acceptable as it is always consumes a lot of time. And if you are using same laptop at your

Nov 262012
How to do calculation in Word file

How to do calculation in Word file Many people are not aware that they can do calculations in MS Word also like summation, average etc. You need not to type the things first in excel to find sum in a table. It is very useful while doing work in MS Word you can also do some small calculations , suppose you are preparing list of some objects with their price in a tabular form. At

Nov 102012
How to add save as pdf button in MS Office 2007 or higher

In MS Office 2007 and higher version you can directly convert a word or excel file to pdf without any third party pdf converter or pdf printer. In MS office 2007 if you don’t found save as pdf or xps you can download this add-in from here. In MS office 2010 or higher it is already inbuilt you do not need to install this add in. You can also see my previous post how to

Mar 122012
How to insert a rupee symbol without fonts installed in your PC

As you all aware that Govt. of India has approved a rupee symbol for all Govt. and non Govt. works worldwide as like dollar and other currency symbols already used. Also Reserve bank of India has started printing new currencies with the use of this rupee symbol. You can download and install this Font from Rupee Foradian font website link, after downloading extract the file and double click on Rupee_Font_Installer.exe file to automatically install this

Mar 122012

You can insert your desired image as a word symbols in word file and also using autocorrect option you can insert that symbol by pressing certain keys. See how to get done this- First insert the image inside your document file Now adjust the height and width as per your requirement, you can use picture tool or just drag the arrow when image selected by pressing left mouse key Now adjust text wrapping option by

Dec 062011
How to convert word and excel to PDF using ms office

How to convert word and excel to PDF using ms office: Many times you want to convert a word and excel to PDF for email attachment purposes and found that it has crosses the limit of attachments . Many Microsoft exchange servers uses inside office allow you to attach a 15-20 mb file at once. So how to convert a PDF in smaller size here is some of guidelines regarding this: 1. In Office 2007

Sep 082011
Download Google Hindi Input offline installer -Type in hindi easily

Google Hindi Input  : अब हिंदी में काम करना और भी आसान | (If you are facing problem to view hindi fonts , you can see this page on Internet Explorer) गूगल हिंदी इनपुट मेथड इंस्टाल कीजिये और आसानी से हिंदी में टाइप कीजिये | उदारहण के तौर पर यदि आपको “प्रेषण” टाइप करना है है अपने की बोर्ड से “preshan” टाइप करे “प्रेषण” अपने आप बन जायेगा , इसी तरह “अनुरक्षण” के लिए “anurakshan” टाइप