Jul 252013
CamStudio - A tool to record desktop activity with sound

Camstudio is a wonderful tool using this you can record your Laptop/Desktop screen with all activities. Camstudio come with sound recording feature also you can record sound or disable sound as your preferences. Once minimized it will come inside your taskbar tray , from where you can record and stop by right click on Camstudio icon. During the recording you can pause and again start. Desktop recording feature is very useful, e.g. you want to

Jul 252013
How to get rid of unwanted emails

How to get rid of unwanted emails – You have daily seen that your email inbox has received lot of unwanted emails , most of them are related to product promotions, some are related to softwares, banks offers, newsletters, credit card offers etc. It is become very difficult to found important emails between them. You have to either keep deleted them but if you are not having time to sort them these emails flooded your

Jul 242013
How to login in two Gmail account in same browser

If you want to login in two different Gmail accounts or any other two/or more email accounts in same browser like hotmail, yahoo, rediff etc. you have to first logout first one otherwise same account will open in new window or new tab. There is one easy solution open two Gmail or any other email account in two different browser like open one account in Internet Explorer and second one in Firefox or Chrome browser.

Mar 092013
10 MS EXCEL Tips and tricks you might don't know

10 MS EXCEL Tips and tricks you might don’t know Microsoft Excel is a very wonderful application that made our life simple, it is very useful for all computer users either that is an accounts or finance user, a student, engineer, everyone can do its works very fast using excel. In this post I am trying to mention some of the excel tips and tricks that will make your work more faster. 1. How to

Mar 082013

Windows 8 has many features & tweaks but the size of windows border annoying many of us as there is no any option to reduce the windows border size in windows 8. You can reduce windows border size using following simple tips – Open run command using win+r key now type regedit and press enter to reach registry editor, if asked windows admin password than type your user name & password. Now browse for HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control

Dec 022012

Improve ms word performance by setting default printer as local Many times it is seen that if you are working in MS office Word & Excel documents it takes a long time to open.  Always when you open a document it shows a dialogue that connecting to printer and than open with delay that is not acceptable as it is always consumes a lot of time. And if you are using same laptop at your

Nov 282012
What are the main differences between windows 7 and windows 8

Windows 8 has been launched worldwide on 26 oct 2012, Microsoft is doing very much advertising to encourage people to buy and upgrade their windows 7 pc to windows 8. People are also continuously buying windows 8. Those are still unfamiliar with windows 8 want to know what are the main differences between windows 7 and windows 8. Let us see some of the main differences between windows 7 and windows 8- 1.  If you are thinking you

Nov 282012
How to create a system image in windows 8

How to create a system image in windows 8 I fond windows 7 due one very good feature that is system image restore of whole PC. Using system image all your system files, programs, settings, user passwords everything again restored and you have not to install windows and every programs, system drivers, windows updates from beginning. This is very useful because if your system failed to restart or your harddisk crash, you have to install

Nov 282012
How to enable hibernation in windows 8

How to enable hibernation in windows 8 In windows 8 hibernation button is hidden and when you press power button icon inside charm bar you get only three option sleep, shut down and restart , hibernate is not there. See how to enable hibernation in windows 8 again- Go to control panel and search for power option or just click on battery icon in case laptops and then click on more power option. Now click

Nov 262012
How to do calculation in Word file

How to do calculation in Word file Many people are not aware that they can do calculations in MS Word also like summation, average etc. You need not to type the things first in excel to find sum in a table. It is very useful while doing work in MS Word you can also do some small calculations , suppose you are preparing list of some objects with their price in a tabular form. At

Nov 102012
How to add save as pdf button in MS Office 2007 or higher

In MS Office 2007 and higher version you can directly convert a word or excel file to pdf without any third party pdf converter or pdf printer. In MS office 2007 if you don’t found save as pdf or xps you can download this add-in from here. In MS office 2010 or higher it is already inbuilt you do not need to install this add in. You can also see my previous post how to

Nov 102012
Should you upgrade to Windows 8 (or not)

Windows 8 has been released officially from Oct 26 worldwide now you can buy it or can upgrade your existing windows 7 PC. If you have already purchased a PC/Laptop with windows 7  between June 2, 2012, and January 31, 2013 you can avail windows discounted upgrade offer in US$14.99 only. But there are many rumours between people about windows 8, that confuses everyone that one should upgrade windows 8 or not. Let’s found the answers of