May 212015
How to limit data using metered connection in windows 8

How to limit data using metered connection in windows 8 If you have limited data plan in your mobile and want to use internet in your laptop or tablet using wifi hot spot of your mobile it is not a wise choice as windows don’t understand that it is a limited data plan or normal wifi connection. Windows works like as usual to update windows, ms office, antivirus and this way it will cost too

Mar 082013

Windows 8 has many features & tweaks but the size of windows border annoying many of us as there is no any option to reduce the windows border size in windows 8. You can reduce windows border size using following simple tips – Open run command using win+r key now type regedit and press enter to reach registry editor, if asked windows admin password than type your user name & password. Now browse for HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control

Nov 282012
What are the main differences between windows 7 and windows 8

Windows 8 has been launched worldwide on 26 oct 2012, Microsoft is doing very much advertising to encourage people to buy and upgrade their windows 7 pc to windows 8. People are also continuously buying windows 8. Those are still unfamiliar with windows 8 want to know what are the main differences between windows 7 and windows 8. Let us see some of the main differences between windows 7 and windows 8- 1.  If you are thinking you

Nov 282012
How to create a system image in windows 8

How to create a system image in windows 8 I fond windows 7 due one very good feature that is system image restore of whole PC. Using system image all your system files, programs, settings, user passwords everything again restored and you have not to install windows and every programs, system drivers, windows updates from beginning. This is very useful because if your system failed to restart or your harddisk crash, you have to install

Nov 282012
How to enable hibernation in windows 8

How to enable hibernation in windows 8 In windows 8 hibernation button is hidden and when you press power button icon inside charm bar you get only three option sleep, shut down and restart , hibernate is not there. See how to enable hibernation in windows 8 again- Go to control panel and search for power option or just click on battery icon in case laptops and then click on more power option. Now click

Nov 102012
Should you upgrade to Windows 8 (or not)

Windows 8 has been released officially from Oct 26 worldwide now you can buy it or can upgrade your existing windows 7 PC. If you have already purchased a PC/Laptop with windows 7  between June 2, 2012, and January 31, 2013 you can avail windows discounted upgrade offer in US$14.99 only. But there are many rumours between people about windows 8, that confuses everyone that one should upgrade windows 8 or not. Let’s found the answers of

Oct 272012
Windows 8 released for worldwide distribution from 26 Oct 12

It is about more then one year we are listening about Windows 8 , and finally from 26th October 2012 Windows has been available worldwide for downloading and purchasing. Most of people has been checked out its new features by downloading and testing it into their PC’s. Microsoft has made total user interface as per need of future growing touch pads and touch screen devices. It has the tile interface for accessing many apps and

Aug 172012
Windows 8 Enterprise Final version is available for 90 days trial

As Microsoft fixed the release date of Windows 8 as Oct 26, 2012, now it is in almost 100 percentage in final shape. Microsoft has released Win 8 enterprise version to download and install for 90 days trial period. You can download this Win 8 copy from here. Remember this is not a final version and for evaluation purpose and you can not activate this after purchasing  activation key. You have to again install non

Mar 232012
How to install windows 8 consumer preview

How to install windows 8 consumer preview In my previous post I have explained how to download windows 8 consumer preview, in this post I will tell you how to install windows 8 consumer preview in your PC with dual boot with windows 7. For dual boot purpose you require a new empty partition of hard disk to install windows 8 consumer preview. You can see my post for how to create a partition from

Mar 042012
How to Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Windows 8 Consumer preview On 29th Feb, 2012 Microsoft launched windows 8 consumer preview after previous release of windows 8 developer preview  in Sept, 2011. After launch of Consumer preview it has been downloaded 1million times just within 24 hrs. This is the popularity and curiosity about windows 8 in public that can be seen by the number of downloads. In my previous post of windows 8 developer preview, I have elaborated how to install and

Dec 132011
How to install- uninstall Windows 8 developer preview

Microsoft has released beta version of Windows 8 for developers to test and discover the features. you can download the beta version from this link : windows 8 developer preview This site is having two type of ISO, one is for developers with including developer kit and another version is without developer kit. You can download either 32bit or 64bit version as per your PC hardware. It is suggested that you install 64bit of windows