Mar 202016
Rainmeter an alternative desktop gadget for PC

After Windows 8 release Microsoft has removed windows desktop gadgets in their windows that was introduced from Windows Vista and remain in Windows 7 also. Desktop gadgets are very useful that always run on your desktop screen and shows very important and useful information e.g. CPU & RAM usage, date and time, weather updates etc. Microsoft has removed these gadgets in windows 8/8.1/10 to improve performance of windows OS as these usage many resources like

Feb 032016
How to recover Hard Disk data if OS failed to boot

How to recover Hard Disk data if OS failed to boot Sometime this has happened that your computer (desktop/laptop) failed to boot, it would be happened due to files related to OS has been corrupted or boot mbr file has been corrupted. First try to repair your OS using media come with the computer (windows DVD/bootable USB drive of OS), you can choose startup repair and system restore to restore the system to earlier created

Jul 252013
CamStudio - A tool to record desktop activity with sound

Camstudio is a wonderful tool using this you can record your Laptop/Desktop screen with all activities. Camstudio come with sound recording feature also you can record sound or disable sound as your preferences. Once minimized it will come inside your taskbar tray , from where you can record and stop by right click on Camstudio icon. During the recording you can pause and again start. Desktop recording feature is very useful, e.g. you want to

Sep 222012
How to reset windows administrator password

How to reset windows administrator password : If you forgot your windows password for any user or windows administrator account ; then there is no need of panic or re-install your windows again. There are dozens of solution available on internet , but I found them difficult for average computer user,  e.g. some ask to download paid software , some said to burn a CD, some posts are about Linux based, if you already have

Aug 112012
Take backup of your PC in case boot failure using linux live cd

You can take backup of your PC using linux live cd if operating system of your PC has failed to boot. This is very simple and no special expertise is required. First try to recover boot problem, you can use recovery disk or your windows cd/dvd to repair start-up problem. In windows 7 it is mostly work. You can restore your OS using system restore option. When there is any update or new software installation/uninstallation a

Dec 132011
How to insert multiple Header and Footer into a single word file

See how to insert multiple Header and Footer into a single word file: I was always wanting this that how to insert multiple header and footer into a single file so that I have to only edit or make a single file instead of making multiple file for a single project only due to the header and footer problem. For example if you are working on a project that is having various chapter like DPR(detailed

Nov 152011

How to resolve dropping wifi connection of your laptop : Many times you may found that your laptops wifi connection dropping and reconnects again. There may be no steady repeated behavior for this but it is very frustrating , may be you have thought that there is problem of your wifi adapter  or inside your laptop. But before consulting your service centre or any hardware technician please try following settings may be these can resolve

Sep 292011

How to restore Jumplist in windows 7: One day I suddenly found that my jumplist of windows explorer in task bar has disappeared, I was very disappointed as these are very useful to work with the important folders in the system. We can easily navigate to our pinned destinations just by one click. After googled I found the solution of this, first find this folder into your desktop, If you are having problem to search

Sep 262011

Windows tips and tricks  – How to undo accidental wrong click You may face it many times when you accidentally click on close tab of a web browser or your unsaved word/excel file. Many times a popup comes that asking you to save your document but unexpectedly you clicked on don’t save tab and  your all work have been wasted. There is very simple trick to avoid this whenever next time you click on close

Sep 092011
How to improve PC performance -  within 15 minutes

How to improve pc performance – You may have noticed that when u purchased your new pc or laptop it was very smooth and fast. But day after day it become slow and sluggish and after many months it becomes very slow that it could take 5-10 sec to open a file after clicking . Also it took too much time to starting up and come to the motion. Here is a small guide how to