Aug 172012

Android Tips and Tricks – How to control data network using fake APN

For new android users it is difficult to keep an eye on data network on -off, many times it get turns on suddenly  without your notice. If you are on a limited data plan ( GPRS or 3G) then it is very unpleasing you charged for data usage even you don’t have used it intentionally . Many times when you restart your phone or asked by any apps this data network get enabled.

There is one android tips and tricks  using that you can control over your data network of android mobile or Tablet –

Got to settings , then wireless and networks , then mobile networks , Access point names. You will found your default network APN name with enabled. Now press menu key and add new APN rename it as abc, xyx, 123 whatever you like and also in APN field write the same leave other fields blank now again press menu key and save this APN. Now select this APN as default APN . Now next time your data network will not turn on except you choose your service provider APN get checked airtel/vodafone etc.