Dec 032017

How to convert PDF to Amazon kindle eBook

Amazon Kindle is a very wonderful device for the eBook readers. People can read novel, fiction, melody, drama all types of EBooks on kindle eBook reader like Amazon paper white.

Amazon eBook readers are very light in weight and also have paper ink technology so that we can even read in full sunlight easily. On kindle reader you can read the eBooks in full compatibility mode those are downloaded from kindle store. If you copy paste the pdf/word files directly inside eBook’s internal storage it would not be in the proper format of eBook and will be difficult to read as texts may not align properly in paragraphs, pictures are may be blurred etc.
But Amazon itself has solution for this, you need not any third-party tool to convert your favorite books or documents those are in PDF, .doc, .docx format to Kindle book format.

kindle ebbok

Steps for converting PDF/DOC files to kindle eBook format-

First you find out your kindle device or your kindle app’s special email address that is in the format of youremailid_****** To find this go to settings of kindle device/kindle app where you find out this email under tab “PERSONAL DOCUMENTS”, see the screen shot below:

kindle email address
Now email from your registered email to this email id your documents e.g. in word/pdf format etc. When you connect your device to internet these documents will be automatically downloaded to your device with kindle eBook format. These converted documents not as much compatible as your original eBooks but now in very much good in eBook shape. So that can be easily customized as per user needs like change of fonts, font size etc.
The following file formats are supported for this conversion using email:

Supported File Types:

• Microsoft Word (.DOC, .DOCX)
• RTF (.RTF)
• Kindle Format (.MOBI, .AZW)
• GIF (.GIF)
• PNG (.PNG)
• BMP (.BMP)
• PDF (.PDF)

For the details see the following: