Dec 052015

There are many tools available to convert PDF to word for editing but many don’t know that this can be done easily using OneDrive of Microsoft online.

How to convert PDF to word  using OneDrive

how to convert pdf to word

First upload pdf file inside OneDrive using browser for converting pdf to word, open in browser and login with your user name & password. If you have drive already installed inside your PC (in windows 10 it is already inbuilt) copy the PDF file under drive folder say under documents. Now check the desired file and click on open in word online, it will open inside new tab. After that click on edit in word, when prompted to convert into word click on convert. After converting is finished click on view (other wise you will not be able to save word document).

Now you almost finished, click on the three dotted to top right side and click download and here now converted docx file available for editing. For details see the screen shots below-

PDF to word-1



PDF to word-2

PDF to word-3


PDF to word-4