Oct 092012

ConvertPad an Android Apps for Unit Converter 

Using CovertPad – Unit Converter android apps you can convert all units easily , just select the unit you want to convert e.g. length, weight, pressure, temperature etc. Type the value for example in length select meter , type 100 and it will show all related units like , 0.1 kms, 10000 cms., 100000 mm etc.

You can also create your own user defined units by using multiplication factor, for an engineer it is very good and must have android apps for calculating many engineering calculations , iterations etc.



ConvertPad android apps Other features are –


* Universal Unit converter and Calculator
. Real-time conversion and calculation
. Unit Comparison Table
. Direct Arithmetic Calculation
* Currency conversions
. Option for selecting favorite exchange rate
. Support 160+ Currencies
* Multiple languages support
. Supports 24 languages.
. Supports 2 preferences as primary & secondary language.
* Customizing feature for Favorite Units
. Favorite Categories and Units
. Various Sorting option
* User-defined Categories and Units
. Feature for adding User-defined units in built-in categories
. Feature for making User’s own categories and units
. Formula(functional form) for user-defined units.
* Various Setting option
. Various Color Themes
. Backup/Restore User-defined Units on SD Card
* Steam tables
. Thermodynamic Steam tables

You can download this app directly from here-  Convertpad or from Google Play Store.

  • sidharth