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Google Map is very use full app used by billions of users in the world for navigation, locate the places and to add business places. Using Google Map we can easily find direction to any unknown places, and reach without any hassle by getting panicked of lost in new place. Even now we do not need to ask strangers about directions, so that can add more safety to our travel in new city/places.

How to create custom directions on Google Map

Many times this has happened to you that, Google Map showing you shorted route. But when you followed that route you may notice that this route has railway crossing for that you have to wait for long, or may have more traffic congestion for which you were not prepared. Even many times google maps takes some time to update the maps after new road/ diversion/ one ways introduced. After knowing these situations you want to avoid this next time and also want to share your experience to others. But how to share your cutom route from Google Maps this is the main problem.

Suppose that you know the best direction to reach from Gurgaon to Grater Noida, but your friend who is new in Delhi – NCR don’t know much about the Delhi roads may ended up confusing on the Google navigation also. You know that using Barapula flyover you can reach DND very easily and thereafter can reach to Greater Noida but Google maps showing you to reach DND using ring road.

For making custom direction you can use Google Maps “add stop” function. First open Google Map, tap the Go button, in from field keep it remain as “your location” in the to field type the location where you want to go e.g. pari chock Grater Noida. Choose you mode of travel as car. Now it will calculate the route and will show you the related directions. Now tap over three dots to right side and choose add stop point. Add the stop as per the direction you want e.g.  for A stop point field type Safdajung Airport, in B stop point field type Najab khan tomb, C stop point field type Lodhi colony and your desired direction route will be prepared by Google Map navigation.

google map custom direction-


How to share your custom directions

For sharing the direction to someboby else, again press on 3 dots top right side and choose share directions, select the desired app or mediam e.g. Whatsapp, Facebook, Email, SMS etc.

When the recipients open this into their mobile, this will open automatically into Google Map app. Now you can start navigation from straight right without searching.

Google map share direction

How to create custom directions on Google Map on  PC

In PC for creating custom direction, open Google Map in any browser preferably in Google Chrome.

Click on the direction arrow, now type from and to field your desired location. As soon as you select second location it will automatically calculate the shortest route and show you the direction on map using blue path. For making the route as per your desired direction just drag the path from the location where you want to make this route to pass. In the PC also you can use “add destination” field just like “add stop” in Google Map app.

After finalizing route, share easily with the options  “Send directions to your phone” now select your device that is already logged in with your google account, or can also be share using sms and email to the desired device. Ans the best thing there are no extra charges for sharing as sms to your mobile.

Google map direction on PC share

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