Jul 152012

First of all congratulations for installing Cyanogen Mod 7 on your motorola defy, after installing Cyanogenmod you will find a totally new experience and settings as compared to Motorola stock froyo. I have describe in my previous post how to install Cyanogenmod 7 on your defy. Now in this post I will tell you many tweaks and new features of Cyanogenmod 7.

Where is the network of defy– After installing   Cyanogenmod 7 you find that your mobile not detecting your cellular network, actually this Cyanogenmod 7 Rom is designed for universal use for any country for your country/region you have to select your baseband using baseband switcher tool. In Cyanogenmod 7.2 it is already inbuilt but if you are using Cyanogenmod 7.1 stable you have to install defy baseband switcher tool that is described in my previous post.

This is an apps you can use this app using app drawer and select your country , may be one reboot is required to establish the network.  In Cyanogenmod 7.2 it is available under the settings/device settings/other settings/ baseband selection and select your region.

How to overclock and change the performance settings-

 In Cyanogenmod 7 you don’t need any extra apps like setvsel to overclock/underclock your processor settings and vsel settings you can do this by using cpu-settings under boot menu, reboot your mobile and select boot , at the time of boot your mobile automatically reached to boot menu now from boot menu select cpu-settings and change accordingly . Use volume key to up-down menu and power button to select your option now save and reboot your mobile.

How to improve battery life –

For battery life improvement charge your mobile to 100% and do not remove charger pin, now reboot your mobile to recovery mode and select advanced now wipe battery stat and reboot. Now install battery calibration apps from Google play store. When battery charged to 100% keep charger pin plugged in and calibrate your battery.

Now discharge your battery till it reached to 10% , on a single charge now charge it to 100%. Do this cycle at least two times and you will found very much improvement in your battery. Also choose your cpu governor as conservative, that is under the Cyanogenmod settings -> performance -> cpu settings .

You can also enable this option using cpu-settings that is under boot menu.

How improve GPS fix –

 If you have copied your gps.conf file that is under /etc folder before installing Cyanogenmod 7 using root explorer you can again replace this file using root explorer. If you have not copied this file don’t worry also many froyo ROMs as like Indian froyo not having this file. So you need to install gps fix that is explained in my previous post.

You can also download this gps.conf file and replace it to your /etc folder, I am able to get an accuracy of 4mtr in google maps using this file.

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  • Charles

    I just installed CM9 Quarx Nightly and lates CM7.2 Quarx Nightly on my Defy Plus,two problems occurred
    1.Battery drained (not really concerns me)
    2.Network and connection keep disconnect and stuck that need to reboot.I use the baseband selector defy inbuilt on both cm7.2 & cm9 and selected South east asia since I lived in Malaysia using Celcom telco and require reboot,but after reboot it persistent to set to default Central europe not the South east asia that I just selected before reboot.I was doing it non-stop it just back to default,why that happened?is there something I missed???

  • admin

    You can use install defy baseband switcher tool from, CWM recovery (flash zip as like you flash rom) and try to change baseband. I have tried many ROMs and found that CM 7.2 stable by jordan is the best and stable. Nightly are always having issues as they are under developing ROMs.

  • Charles

    I’ve finally managed to install latest defy baseband switcher and selected Singapore,Indonesia,Malaysia etc and it actually worked only for the phone to return to the problem again.When messaging and calling it will lose network and the thing that I didn’t like is the need to reboot phone every time it happen to restore network.I guessed maybe network problem is hardware faulty of Motorola Defy Plus not because the rooting and flashing custom roms whether it CM7 or CM9

  • admin

    You can check that it is related to custom ROM or your phone hardware by installing stock froyo ROM again using rsdlite and full sbf of defy, see my post http://newtechworld.net/how-to-install-cyanogenmod-10-on-motorola-defy/ for the details.
    If mobile hardware is ok you can again root and install CM 7.2 on the same way as earlier.

  • Charles

    Yes I already did that back to stock rom and found that network problem still happened.Worst of all it reboot randomly with no apparent reason so I installed CM10.1-20130709-Nightly-mb526 rom,surprisingly this latest cm10.1 and unstable rom work charmingly on my defy plus.

  • admin

    Good luck to you