Jul 152012

Cyanogenmod 7 Guide Part 2: New Features & Tweaks

 In this post let us see new features of Cyanogenmod 7 and how to customise your Cyanogen Mod 7.

Add remove widgets in quick access status bar –

You can add 18 widgets in quick access toolbar to quick access them, and also change the position of these buttons as per your priority. Go to settings-> Cyanogenmod settings-> interface-> notification power widget->widget buttons . Now check the buttons as you desired, now change the order of these buttons under widget button order.

Status Bar tweaks –

In Cyanogen Mod 7 you can change icons and there interfaces under status bar. Just go to Status Bar tweaks that is under settings-> Cyanogenmod settings-> interface-> Status Bar tweaks.  You can change your tradition battery icon into percentage and can change your network bars into signal strength in dBm.

 Disable lock screen –

 You can disable lock screen to quick access to your mobile, and also disable slide to unclock you can unlock using menu button. This setting is available under settings-> Cyanogenmod settings->lockscreen-> unlock options now check skip on security.

Make Icecream Sandwich style lock screen with single lock button in centre-

 Uncheck skip on security as described above now in style option choose lockscreen  style as ring type. Now in ring lock style choose as holo style.  Also check minimal ring style with one ring in the middle to unlock.  See now the effect your lock-screen will lock like as Icecream Sandwich lock screen.

 Wake your phone using volume rocker –

 Just go to settings-> Cyanogenmod settings->Input  and check volume rocker wake.

Vibrate on answer/hangup/call waiting–

 You can enable/disable vibrate when a call pick up or disconnect or during a call on waiting that is under call settings.

 Mute camera shutter sound –

 You can mute camera shuter sound that is under settings-> Cyanogenmod settings->sound.

Using Power Button take screen shots –

Using power button you can directly take screen shots, and snaps will directly saved in your SD card.

Using Back button kill all the apps –

You can kill all the button using log pressing of back button just goto settings->applications-> development and check stop apps via long-press.

Disconnect calls using power buttons-

You can also disconnects your calls using power button, goto settings-> accessibility , check power button end call.

Elastic scrolling and bounce effect-

Cyanogenmod 7.2 comes with Elastic scrolling and bounce effect when a menu bar come end point. You can control this effect under  settings-> Cyanogenmod settings-> interface->overscrolling

Default application installs location –

You can choose your defalt location for application installation under : settings-> Cyanogenmod settings->application -> install location

Screen Rotation –

 In Cyanogenmod 7 you can select your screen rotation 0-360 degree , just go to : settings-> Cyanogenmod settings->display and now check all the option under accelerometer rotation e.g. 0deg, 90 deg, 180 deg, 270 deg.

Phone goggles –

 This is a very interesting feature in Cyanogenmod 7 may be more use full for the people those calls or sms wrongly when  drunk or in sleep.

You can choose your priority as difficult or normal when you try to send a sms or try to call a number it will ask you to some simple mathematics question like what is 5+7 etc. You can also select the hours when you want to enable this phone goggles option.  Just go to settings-> Cyanogenmod settings->application ->phone goggles and enable and customise as per your requirements.

 Touch to focus –

In cyanogenmod you can also select touch to focus and can also take snaps using volume button, power button or search button.  In camera apps press menu key and choose advanced option to use your desired button for taking snaps.

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  • Hello

    I would like to thank you for this great introduction in new features of CM7. Although I dont have a defy, I can use your descriptions on my ZTE Blade (Base Lutea).

    Thanks a lot, and if you can post more of this….?


  • admin

    Hello Josef I think CM 7.2 should have the same feature as like in defy, actually if you have CM 7 installed in your mobile you can check that these features are working or not. I will try to post some more about Cyanogen Mod.