Nov 282012

Windows 8 has been launched worldwide on 26 oct 2012, Microsoft is doing very much advertising to encourage people to buy and upgrade their windows 7 pc to windows 8. People are also continuously buying windows 8. Those are still unfamiliar with windows 8 want to know what are the main differences between windows 7 and windows 8.

Let us see some of the main differences between windows 7 and windows 8-

"Windows 7 vs windows 8"

1.  If you are thinking you should must buy windows 8 as windows 7 may be outdated soon this is a good information from Microsoft that they will provide support for windows 7 devices till 2020. And many manufactures one of them dell said that they will continue to launch products even in Windows 7. So you can take a deep breath that you are not going to become outdated as windows 8 has been launched. You can keep continue to work with freedom and any worry on windows 7.

2. If you have purchased windows 7 based between June 12 to Jan 13 it is good option to upgrade windows 8 as Microsoft is    providing windows 8 on very discounted price. See my previous post how to upgrade windows 7 to windows 8.

3. Windows 8 not having traditional start menu, if you are not happy with windows 8 without start button you can install many third party free and paid start buttons. And using them you will not feel lack of start menu. Some of examples of start menu can be found on and

4.  The main differences between windows 7 and windows 8 is that after login you will be welcomed with windows tile/metro interface that is already popular in windows phone mobiles/tablets. In Metro interface apps are opened in full screen to enhance touch screen device experience. You can use easily this interface by using your mouse also. Use mouse gestures to invoke charm bar, when you are on desktop move cursor to top right corner and one window will open right side that is having many things e.g. system settings menu, power button to turn off/ restart PC. Tile menu invoke button, PC start screen settings, language settings etc. The famous window+D command is still works in windows 8 where ever you are press win+D short key to reach the desktop instantly. When you are on full screen of any apps press right click for options. Move cursor to middle of top corner and drag the app to down right botton to end or minimise. You can also press win+X key to reach task manager and windows mobility centre quickly. Ans like in smartphones can also end opened apps using task manager. You can drag desktop tile to top left corner so that just pressing enter you can quickly reach to desktop. If you install classic start button that I am using , by default you will reach to desktop when you logged on.

5. The other differences between windows 7 and windows 8 is windows 8 performance and boot time. Windows 8 using about half of memory (RAM) resources when running as compared to windows 7. Also windows 8 start time and shutting down time is half of windows 7. This is very great advantage of windows 8 over windows 7.

6. One other differences between windows 7 and windows 8 is that I notice in windows 8 file copying is slower as compared to windows 7. I search over the internet and found that windows 8 also check files for vulnerability  at the same time of copying so that copying speed is low in windows 8.

7. Task manager is very enhanced in windows 8 , it not only provides the system informations but also provides you for example how a applications caused the startup time as low or high impact on start up time.

8. Search is also now have many features as you can search same time for files, apps, settings, and even on searach engine bing for online search results.

9. Windows 8 has removed traditional gadgets on desktop, many users found this annoying. For example CPU/Memory usage I have to use a third party gadget rain meter.

10. Windows 8 having one feature that when ever you insert a CD/DVD or USB drive one pop up come on right top side that allow to choose options how you want to open these devices.

11. In windows 8 you will found Internet Explorer 10 and windows media player 12 version.

12. In File explorer you will also found ribbon interface as like MS Office 2007/10 that allow you to choose quickly many options like include in library, show hidden files, show file extensions, select, copy, paste , move , delete options to work fast.

13. File copying is also enhanced in windows 8 , you can now manage now multiple copying/delete/move at the same time. You can also pause and resume certain copying files.

14. Windows 8 now have itself supports for USB 3.0 interface , you will not require any third party software to mange USB 3.0 interface.

15. windows 8 claimed to be more secure even from windows 7 as said by microsoft, even in windows 8 you will not require any anti virus software. But as compared to many antivirus softwares like symantec, norton, AVG etc. people found windows 8 security solution less effective either for advanced firewall options or anti virus/anti spyware options available on third party softwares.