Sep 222011

Download free offline google map for android for Jaipur-Pinkcity here .

The file size is 65 MB. Google map also has option to download offline maps for certain area but it will automatically delete after 30 days.

Install Maverick app from google play store in your android mobile, now copy this downloaded file into your mobile’s  internal memory /sd card at this location :  /Maverick/maps.

And enable this offline google map from your Maverick app settings of user defined maps. Now enjoy full Jaipur (Pinkcity) map up to zoom level of 18, without 3g or gprs.

If you want to create your own offline google maps for any location, you can see this post- How to create offline google map using mobile atlas creator.

Update– I have written this post for rmaps app but now this app is not available at Google Play Store. The same map has been reloaded from to dropbox for faster downloading.

Dropbox Download for free offline google maps for android for Jaipur-Pinkcity –

download free google map for delhi

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