May 282015

Dual OTG Pen Drive :

Nowadays Smartphone become an essential gadget for everyone, either you are a student, businessman, employee in any company or even homemaker. By increasing number of apps  smartphone now using a huge amount of memory to handle app data, email attachments, photo, media etc. By some extent one can survive with low internal memory if the phone or tablet has micro sd card slot. But if you have a phone that is lack of sd card slot than you must require some other mean of storage like pendrive that can be attached using USB-On the Go cables (OTG). But there is a drawback that you have to carry always two things in your pocket one is otg cable and other is USB pendrive.

dual otg pen drive

Now solution of this is coming by USB drive manufacturers as Dual mode USB OTG pen drives , where you can use same pen drive in your smartphone and computer without using otg cable. These pendrives have dual ports to connect one side with  smartphone (using micro usb connector) and other side to computer as normal USB connector.

Dual OTG Pen drive also now coming with USB 3.0 connectivity for faster data transfer, and also have many storage options 8GB/16GB/32GB etc. Now micro usb port has become standard in many devices like smartphones, tablets, E-book readers so you can use same Dual OTG Pen drive in many devices. and Amazon has many option to buy Dual OTG Pen drive with different storage options-