Jan 282012

Essential software for windows users – Part 1: In this post I am going to tell you some of essential software for windows users e.g. Foxit Reader, Picasa , Irfan Photo viewer, VLC media player, Auslogics disk defragment, DAP download manager, Teracopy, µTorrent, doPdf and Primo Pdf (pdf printer),Simple pdf merger. Take a look on these software.


  •  Foxit Reader – This is a complete replacement for adobe reader, once you try this you will never come back to adobe reader. This is a very compact and light version to view pdf files. You can easily customise your menus and tool bar in Foxit reader. Just right click on menu bar and click on customise and add/remove the features that you like. You can also drag and drop the tools inside the menu bar as per your requirement e.g. you are mostly use rotate left/right, snapshot to capture screen shot , commenting, hand select tool options and text select etc. You can put these important options in menu bar to accessibility. In Foxit reader you can view many files in tabbed view just like your browser to easy navigate. You can insert comment, highlight the required texts.

You can download Foxit reader from here


  • Picasa application– using Picasa application you can easily edit some basic requirement of your images. You can crop, straighten, adjust brightness and contrast, auto contrast set, red eye correction, auto colour etc. You can resize the image as per your requirement using export feature you can export the image in different size and pixels. Download Picasa from here and for more details see my previous post regarding Picasa.
  • Irfan  Photo viewer – This is a very small and light software for image viewing purpose that loads and navigate images very faster. You can download this software from here



  • VLC media player – This is a must have media player for all windows, Mac and linux users. There are lot of customisations and options to watch your videos. For more details you can see my post regarding how much a VLC player can do for you. You can download this from here. For more details and shortcut keys see this post



  • Auslogics disk defragment – Using Auslogics you can defragment your hard disk very fast and more efficiently. This software is more powerful and fast than your inbuilt windows disk defragment tool, download this software from here.

I have also mentioned about this in my post- that how to speed up your slow computer within 15 minutes.

  • DAP download manager– using DAP you can easily manage all your downloads easily. Many times when download any software or any game from internet you face the problem of internet disconnection and all your download data have been wasted. DAP not even enhance download speed of your internet connection , you can even resume and pause your downloads, manage many downloads simultaneously. Even after restarting your system it can resume your downloads when you required. You can download this from here.

For more details see this link

  • Teracopy – Using Teracopy you can copy or move your files very faster between different partition of your computer, between  computer and portable hard disk, USB pen drive etc. It increase the copying capability of your system once try this and you will definitely praise this software. Download Teracopy from here

See also more about teracopy at this link

  • µTorrent – This is very famous torrent downloader software. You can manage your torrents downloads very easily using this software. Torrents are a format of file that is only use for downloading purpose so that you can efficiently download a big file from 400MB- 4GB easily without any loss of data or corruption. Download this software from here.

For more details see this link

  • doPdf and Primo Pdf – These are very light and good pdf converter or printer. You can convert your word, excel, power point, html files to pdf using these softwares. You can even give print command from web page to these pdf printers. These will convert them pdf format, and when you got any printer you can print those files. I have also mentioned in my previous post that how to convert pdf files efficiently. You can download these software’s from these links (a) DoPDF, (b) PrimoPdf
  • Simple pdf merger– using this software you can easily merger many pdf files to a single pdf file. Download this software from here

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