Jan 282012

Essential software for windows users – Part 2: This post is a continuation of previous post of some essential software for windows users those are must required to every windows user.  If you want to work more faster in windows-7/windows you can also see my previous post regarding this.

In This post I will tell you some more essential software for windows e.g. 7-zip, Search everything , Truecrypt, Team viewer, Team Player, PowerIso, Gmap Catcher, Video cache view, Google Hindi Input method, The sage offline dictionary, microsoft security essential.

7-zip – This is a very powerful and free zip tool, using this you can compress your files into a single low memory zip file for email attachment purpose . When you want to send multiple files, just copy them into a folder and zip that folder using 7-zip. You can unzip most of all format using 7-zip e.g. winrar, winzip, 7-zip. Download this software from here:

7-zip 32bit,  7-zip 64bit

For more details see this link

Search everything – This is a very small and fast searching tool for your desktop files. There is time lag just type and it will give your instantaneous results of files that you required. Very useful software. Download this from here

Truecrypt- Using Truecrypt you can protect your precious data from theft and misuse. It also encrypts your data so that no one can get access to your data without your passwords. Even FBI failed to crack the Truecrypt, I have read on internet about this. Also there is dual password and double security facility available. For more details and download this software you can read my post regarding truecrypt.

Team viewer – Using Team viewer you can remote control a computer using internet connection. This is very useful for a remote presentation, any troubleshooting of computer related problem. You can download and read more about this at my post of team viewer.

PowerIso – Using this software you can extract an iso image to view and copy the files inside iso image. This is a very useful and powerful tool because most of OS (e.g. linux, windows), MS Office installation and many software are provided on internet on iso (disk image) format. Using this tool you can extract them inside your computer and directly install them without burning to a CD/DVD. Download this from here, you can also see my post that how to install windows-7 using pen-drive and poweriso software.

For more details see this link

Gmap Catcher – Using Gmap catcher you can download offline Google maps inside your computer to later view them at a location where internet is not available. Download this from here, also see my post how to create an offline Google maps for rmaps for your android mobile using mobile atlas creator.

For more details and support see this link

Video cache view– using this small software you can view your cached videos on all browsers. Even you have closed your bowsers or restarted your PC. The limit of stored offline cache is depending on your browser’s cache capacity. You can increase this as per your requirement. For Firefox I have mentioned in my previous post that how to increase your cache limit. You can play them and also save them any other locations. Download this software from here

Google Hindi Input method– You can type in Hindi easily using Google Hindi input method, for more details and download see my previous post regarding this.

The sage – This is a free offline dictionary you can download this from here. It also has phonetic sound to check how a word pronounced. You can also have many options during searching a word’s meaning.

For more details and support see this link

MSE– you can download this software for free antivirus and anti-spy ware service provided by Microsoft to their windows users. This is a good quality antivirus for windows users you can Download this from here.
mse 32bit,   mse 64bit

For more details and support see this link

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack–  MS office 2003 users can download MS office compatibility pack from here , using this compatibility pack you can view and edit MS office 2007 word,excel, ppt files inside your office 2003 pack.