Mar 132012

Ezanswer is  an android apps, using this app you can answer/reject  your calls easily by either touch screen or by any hardware  keys e.g. volume , power, camera keys.

When I update my motorola defy to android 2.2 , its flip to silent function stopped to work any more; so I want an app using that I can silent a ringer and answer call using volume button. I found this android apps very useful using this app you can silent your ringer by volume keys, answer/reject calls even using volume keys and power keys.

You answer/reject calls using touch screen without sliding, just hold the call button on screen for some seconds ( you can adjust delay time from settings) and your call will pick up. Also by pressing back key you will get the answer/reject traditional screen; you can enable any image on call screen. Using Ezanswer you can control your call list and also manage spam call list.

There are many more features you can download this android apps Ezanswer from here.