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Facebook birthday reminder using google calendar : Never miss a Friend’s birthday again —

On the request of many friends and visitors I am updating this post with more details so that you can easily configure your Facebook Friend’s birthdays inside your Google calender. Using free sms notification service of Google you will get birthday reminder inside directly to your mobile.

You may have often missed your friends birthday or any important meet/appointment when you are out of town or any other busy work when not able to see your Facebook or Orkut account, gmail calender.

Here is solution for this so that in future you may never miss a birthday of your friends/buddies. I am telling you how to configure Facebook Birthday reminders inside your Google calender, you configure other calenders also using this article.

First see How to import Facebook Birthday reminder into your google Calender:

Login into your facebook account and click on Home tab, at left side bar you will see “Events” (1) tab click on this and your events will open, see the picture below:


Now click on Birthdays(2) , now a new window will open see the picture below:


Now scroll down , and you will see the options as shown above, click on export birthdays(3) now a pop up will open see the picture below:

Select the link (4) as mentioned in picture above using using mouse dragging over the link(but not click over it) and copy the link using ctrl+c short keys.

Now Open your Gmail by logging into account and click on “Calender” tab(5) see the picture below:


Your google calender will open see the picture-

Click on dropdown in other calender tab (6) , now click on “Add by URL” now a pop up will open see the picture below:

In URL section paste the link(8) that you have earlier copied from facebook, now click on “add calender“(9). Now google will start importing your facebook birthdays into your calender. And after finishing, your facebook birthdays will shown inside your newly created facebook friend’s birthday calender see the picture below:

See How to setup your mobile notifications:

Now click on gear icon in the top right corner of your calender window and click on “calender settings” now your calender’s all settings will open, see the picture and now click on ” mobile setup


Enter your mobile number(10) and click on send verification code(11) , you will receive a verification code on your mobile, enter this code (12) and click on finish setup. You can also activate 2-step verification for your gmail account for enhancing security see my post regarding how to enable 2-step verification for your gmail.

See how to enable sms notifications for facebook birthday reminder for your  birthdays calender:

Now click on facebook birthdays tab inside other calenders in left side, now your facebook calender will open , From dropdown (13) now select “notifications”(14) see the picture below:

In notifications settings check all the boxes for email (15) and sms (16) and click on save(17) tab, see


Congratulations , now you have done all the configuration for Facebook birthday reminder using  google calendar .

Now I am telling you one thing that I have noticed, by default google calender will send sms notifications on morning 5:30 am . As it sends the sms as  per GMT 00:00 hrs time which means as per india time zone it is gmt+5:30 hrs( If you have not edit the time of your events individually).

If you dont want headache to edit all reminders time you can simply edit in main reminder setting as 8-9 hrs before , so that it will send you reminder on one day before on 8 or 9 pm(as you want). See the picture below:


Click on add a reminder on default reminder tab ( same in facebook calender’s notification settings as also mentioned above), and now set time for default reminders for example 8 hours before (18) and click on save. Now you will get default reminder time to get sms as 5:30 – 8 hrs. = 9:30 pm one day before. Remember this will only applicable for the birthdays those not having set any reminder time manually.

Hope you have got all the required information to set up your free facebook birthdays reminder sms using google calender reminder setup.

Now you cant say to your friends that you have forgot their birthday.

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