Sep 082011

How to secure login password using Firefox master password : I know that most of you may aware of Firefox master master password option. Though it will be help full for those who don’t aware this.

In the world of internet life has become hell when a dozens of login passwords are required to remember.
For your email , Facebook, many other sites whenever you go there , they required you to sign up first. In early days of internet I have thought that I will make only one password to every site for easy to remember.
But soon after I found it impossible when I come to know that every website have different terms for login passwords.
Some site required alphanumeric, some want first character alphabetic , some want especial characters.
In Firefox I have found solution of this problem– Go to the tools menu, then go to options , then click security tab, here you will find a “use a master password” option. Check this , and type your only one unique single password.

Now next time whenever you login a website it will ask you to save your passwords, click save by this method for once.
Whenever next time you login the same web page a diologue box will open to asking your master password. type your master password and your login details will come automatically.
It is very safe without your master password your saved passwords are hidden, nobody can view or use them.
Only remember to close Firefox after use so that in next session it will ask you a master password.

Also remember two important things:
1. Never use to remember login details for your bank, credit card, billing , Demat account sites, for these you have to memorize into your mind.
2. If your office PC will going to change , before changing your PC save your all passwords with you, and clear these passwords & History from your old PC.

This is how to secure login password in Firefox using master password, for more information how to use Firefox full feature see my post regarding this.

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