Oct 172012

Indian railway just start railradar a service by which you can found any train location on Google map real time. The page refreshes in every 5 minutes and you are able to find exact locations of train running across India.

This railradar is a very useful  service launched by Indian railway and prepared with the help of CRIS an Indian railway sister company. If you click a particular train, the map will also show the exact route of the train including all the stops and the current location of the train. The train markers highlighted in blue indicate trains that are running on time while the red markers indicate trains that are delayed or behind schedule.

To use this railradar feature open http://railradar.trainenquiry.com/ and zoom in zoom out using your mouse as like in Google Maps now click on the train icon , it will show the position on Google Maps.

How the trains tracked on railradar-

Indian Railways has train passing monitoring points around the country at more than 6000 locations. These monitoring points in real-time mode communicate updates on train arrival, departure, or passing to a central headquarter server. In substantial cases these updates are automated however there are places/situations where this reporting is also done manually.