Mar 222016

Solid State Drive (SSD) are becoming popular day by due to their light weight, high speed data transfer rate and reliability. If you are struggling with your old laptop or desktop. Once try to upgrade SSD and you will not regret your decision. You will experience 3-4 times higher performance of your machine.

What is Solid State Drive – According to Wikipedia SSD (Solid State Drive) is a data storage device that uses integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data persistently. SSD technology uses electronic interfaces compatible with traditional block input/output (I/O) hard disk drives, thus permitting simple replacement in common applications. SSD use Nand based flash memory, which retains data without power.

solid state drive-2

SSD does not have any moving part so chances of failure are very less, also these disk are just like flash drive e.g. USB sticks or RAM sticks. Data transfer is very fast even 4-5 times compare to normal magnetic disks.

After installing SSD you will also realize that boot and shut down time has also been improved many folds than earlier with traditional hard disk.

Solid state drive


The only drawback with SSD is that these are very costly compared to traditional hard disks. The cost of 120 GB SSD is around Rs. 4000/- to Rs. 5000/- and it will go higher as you go higher storage options.

If you have DVD drive in your Laptop, one thing can be done to save lot of bucks without compromise to storage, that you can place existing hard disk in place of DVD drive using hard disk caddy and can use SSD of smaller storage e.g. 120 GB at hard disk slot. Also you can use existing DVD drive externally using DVD drive casing. See the previous post regarding how to upgrade SSD into your laptop.