Dec 042012

"Google Drive"Still facing problems for large size email attachments , Google has introduced 10GB of email attachment limit for their users. Now you can attach a file up to 10 GB of size. This feature works with the help of Google Drive , previously as Google Doc. When you open a new compose message in Gmail and put mouse cursor over the plus sign near attachment icon (paper pin icon), you will option for Google Drive with drive symbol. When you click on this icon you can add your files into Google drive. The file will automatically uploaded to Google Drive and the link has been attached automatically with File name.

All this thing was also working already as you can upload a document into google drive and using share button can send download link to sender or also can insert manually the link inside the email. But now you can do this work fast as Google drive option is itself in the email. Type the message and attach the file and send directly. And now google has increased the limit upto 10 GB that is the maximum in this planet. Microsoft already introduced this feature using, in you can also send files using skydrive.

There is only one drawback I found that receiver should also have to login with Google  to download or view the file.