Mar 062013

"Google authenticator"

Google Authenticator for Gmail – Security in your pocket

Google has many options to double secure your accounts as already mentioned in my previous post of “how to enable 2-step verification for Gmail” . Two step verification feature secure your Google/Gmail account with the six digit passcode received on your mobile with your user name and password without this password no one can login your account even typing your user name & password. You can choose the option at the time of login that “do not ask passcode for this pc again” and tick that box below passcode for your home PC so that there is no need to get sms every login on your trusted laptop/pc.

Suppose a situation when you are at a place where your mobile in not in network coverage area or you are in abroad where no roaming in your mobile than how to access your gmail account. Google also made solution for this take a look for various options-

  • Also registered second mobile number in google account to access your Gmail account so that you can access that mobile if one mobile has not network access.
  • Generate passcode and save them in a text file and upload to another email account in google account password recovery option under 2-step verification settings.
  • You can also use Google authenticator  for gmail app in your mobile to access your google account this method not requires any network or internet connection in your mobile. Google authenticator for gmail generates conituously s six digit numeric code that expires in every 30 seconds. The time zone of your mobile and gmail account should be the same. You can also choose option in your mobile to sync the time with network.

"google authenticator for gmail"

For installing google authenticator just go to play store and download Google Authenticator app, along with this also download bar code scanner app to scan QR code from google account , that will be provided at the time to enable google authenticator for gmail.

Now in google account two step verification settings choose android app option and scan the bar code using authenticator , after just scanning your account will be added to google authenticator app not enter the code and verify and you are done.

google authenticator for gmail

Next time when you need to login your gmail on another pc you will ask to enter passcode generated by google authenticator. in case you have lost your mobile or forget it in home your another place you can use passcode file saved on another email account e.g. yahoo, hotmail, etc.