Nov 292015

Google Chromecast 2 review and features

Google Chromecast is a device that enables you to cast your mobile/tablet/laptop screen over your LCD/LED TV or any display device having HDMI port. For using chromecast you need your TV/Monitor with HDMI port, a wifi enabled device (e.g. Smartphone, Tablet etc.) and Wifi Network (a wifi router having internet to play YouTube videos etc. but playing local videos , photos from your device you need not internet only wifi router is required as used in Smart TV’s).

If you have already a Smart TV with wifi compatibility you need not required Chromecast as most of the Smartphone have screen mirroring feature like Samsung, Sony, iPhone etc. Smart TV also have Wifi – Direct function (Wi-Di) using that you can also stream videos from laptop to TV without Wifi router or those devices not having screen mirroring options.

Google Chromecast 2


Google Chromecast 2_1

Google Now launched second generation of Chromecast with many new features and new refreshing design. Lets see new features of Google Chromecast –

  1. New Design – The original chromecast has compact design so if you connect it your TV’s HDMI port neighboring ports of TV are not usable, new chromecast has HDMI extension cable so that all the neighboring ports can be used simultaneously. New Chromecast has circular design with the HDMI cord sticking out at one end. It comes in three colors – Red, Black & Yellow.
  2. Better Wifi – New Chromecast supports wifi 801.11ac over 5 GHz for better , faster and smoother wifi streaming. It is also having 3 antenna inside the earlier was having single antenna.
  3. Gaming is better – With new chromecast multiplayer games can be played by two players without a lag.
  4. Supported with many Google Apps– With Chromecast  app you can cast many apps to your TV , Chromecast app suggest you true access to app that works with chrome cast.
  5. Google Photo – With new app you can cast photos using app same way you browse your you tube videos, while some photo or videos displaying on the screen you can continue browse other photos and videos on app without disturbing the current playing list.
  6. Same Price as Chromecast 1 – Chromecast come with same price tag as earlier one so need not to pay more for upgraded version.

Google also launched Chromecast audio to stream your devices music to your old speakers, in chromecast audio there is 3.5mm jack for audio in place of HDMI port to stream videos.

Google Chromecast priced at $35 for both Chromecast and Chromecast audio at Google Play store.